The Jets are atrocious. I’m a Jets fan, and this really hits hard.. that I’m recommending a Patriot against my Jets. What has my life come to? Sorry, moving on.

I’m going to throw out last week’s game in Denver. Receivers are just shut down against Denver. They have three super solid corners and receivers simply don’t do well there. And Brady didn’t even throw a touchdown. Before that, Brady’s #1 redzone target has been Malcolm Mitchell, who’s had 4 touchdowns in the 4 game period after Gronk got hurt. Against the Jets, Tom Brady can throw for 6 touchdowns or Blount can run for 4.

Anything can happen, but the ceiling for these receivers is massive. You might not know which receiver will do well, but the roles are actually pretty defined, where Edelman gets the short to intermediate targets, Hogan is the deep threat, and Mitchell is the intermediate possession and red zone guy. The Jets passing defense has been a joke, and Brady at home can absolutely embarrass the Jets to help his team get a first round bye.