Probably not. The good thing is that you will probably get him at a discount. Before he went down with an ankle injury in 2016, he was averaging a healthy 5.1 yards per carry on 71 carries in 5 games, but he ended the year with no touchdowns, and that’s where I worry. When you have Aaron Rodgers, you become confident that his arm┬ácan get you TDs even at or around the goal line. I also worry about a timeshare between him and Montgomery. I wasn’t on the Montgomery bandwagon early on, as I thought it was a gimmick and that the Packers wouldn’t be able to sustain the production from Montgomery. We also don’t know who the goal line back is going to be. Montgomery had 5 carries inside the 5 yard line, converting 3 of them.

And this is all assuming Lacy will be back. Starks did get cut, so that improves the chances of that happening, but there are also potential free agent backs like Latavius Murray who can also slip into that early down role. It remains to be seen, but I would still be comfortable with Lacy as my RB3. He’s most likely going to get 12+ carries, maybe a catch or two, and maybe a goal line carry. I hope that he falls into that range, but if he doesn’t, I wouldn’t reach. There are too many uncertainties even if he’s on the Packers. We’ve seen this backfield be a mess the last two years, and I wouldn’t expect it to improve much in favor of a stud fantasy football RB in 2017. Just don’t forget that he still has value! If he drops in your draft, you gotta consider him. Depth is key.