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Below are some QBs and Defenses that are available in ~50%+ of Yahoo leagues that are worth plugging into your starting lineup in Week 3.


Jay Cutler vs Jets

Jay Cutler gave all three of his starting receivers love and opportunity in Week 2 against the Chargers, even with Casey Hayward shadowing DeVante Parker. Cutler gave 15 targets to Jarvis Landry, 9 to Parker, and gave Kenny Stills a touchdown. If I’m translating that over to Week 3, that can be a huge problem for the Jets. The Jets have given up the 3rd most points to QBs so far in two weeks, only behind the Saints and the Patriots, and if the run game gets going, Cutler should be able to pick the Jets apart with the weapons he has.

Trevor Siemian vs Bills

Siemian has played pretty well so far this season, even against a tough passing defense in the Chargers in Week 1. He has 6 touchdowns in two weeks, which is tied with Matthew Stafford the league lead. The Bills didn’t face much competition at QB between Josh McCown and Cam Newton, and I’m not scared of what the Bills have to offer on the defensive side of the ball. Denver’s defense should put Siemian in good situations as far as field position goes, and with his weapons on the outside, he’s shown he can succeed with them so far this year. If Siemian is on your waiver wire and your QB has a tough matchup this week, don’t hesitate to put Siemian in your lineup. According to Vegas, the game should be somewhat close to keep Siemian throwing the ball.


Green Bay vs Cincinnati

One of the strategies of picking a defense is looking at home favorites who are favored by a lot. The reason why is because if a team can get locked into playing from behind and being one-dimensional, the pass rush becomes more prevalent and increases the chances for sacks, sack-fumbles, and interceptions. Packers should go up early, and Dalton should be trying to bring his team back, and he hasn’t been too successful of that so far this year. The Packers are favored by 9 points at home, which is a considerable amount, and is a good candidate for this strategy.

Miami @ New York Jets

Both the Bills and Raiders were able to force turnovers against this Jets offense, and I don’t think things will get any better while the Jets try to come back and win this game. The Dolphins areĀ 6 point favorites in New York, and I would start almost any defense against the Jets at this point.

Tampa Bay Bucs @ Minnesota if Case Keenum plays

I would not start the Bucs if Sam Bradford plays, because he probably won’t have enough turnovers to make this a worthy start. Case Keenum is a gunslinger at heart, so if he plays, this will likely be a defensive battle and the Bucs can get some turnovers while Keenum plays from behind.