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There are plenty of players that you don’t even want to think about putting in your lineup who are ideal buy-low candidates because their owner is thinking the same exact thing. They don’t know what to do with them; they don’t want to start them, but don’t have any other options, and definitely can’t cut them. Don’t trade your studs away to get any of these guys, but I would send RB3s, low-end RB2s, WR3s and low end WR2s for these guys to see if any of these players can become my flex or even sit on my bench. Once their situation gets right, you might have a stud on your hands.

Amari Cooper

You can trade for him for pennies on the dollar. Cooper is at his lowest value possible right now, with him severely underperforming, Derek Carr out for a few weeks, and him dropping passes. Owners will probably even bench him this week. That’s where you come in, and save them from their distress. Offer them a couple of decent wide receivers as a package, and take Cooper and throw him on your bench for a few weeks until Carr is back. He is 18th in targets, so the ball is going to come his way and he will have big games. You can have a high-end WR2 in the second half of the season, and it didn’t cost you much.

Adam Thielen

Thielen opened the season with a bang, but with Sam Bradford getting hurt, his numbers have been dwindling. Owners are thinking twice before putting Thielen in their lineups (I’m playing him in PPR this week), but he can turn into a very dependable WR2 down the stretch once their QB play becomes more stable. He’s a very talented receiver, and him and Diggs have turned into an exceptional 1-2 punch. His value is even lower now that Dalvin Cook is out for the season, so owners are on tilt because of that as well. Consistency will be the name of the game with Thielen down the stretch.

Ty Montgomery

With all this talk about Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams, owners might be worried about the future of Ty Montgomery and whether his role is secure (it’s very secure). His snap percentage will probably come down, which is something you can use to your advantage in your bartering talks, but down from what? 90%? I’ll take it. Whoever the starting RB is in this offense will be a RB1, especially in PPR leagues. If the Montgomery owner doesn’t have much beyond Montgomery, entice him with a couple of RBs that he can feel good about playing this week. If you just got Murray on waivers, flip him; he’s the hot name right now.

Michael Crabtree

Crabtree is in the middle of a bunch of tough matchups, no Derek Carr, an injury, so he’s at his lowest point of the season. It’s important to identify players at their lowest perceived value in the season, and this is probably it for Crabtree. It’s possible he’s unplayable while Carr is out, but they are skipping over a few tough matchups. Crabtree will be consistent outside of very tough matchups. He’s Carr’s favorite red zone target, and always comes through as a legit WR2. Package a couple of bench WRs and maybe a RB and go get Crab.

Julio Jones

Jones hasn’t reached the end zone yet, so use that as your advantage. He’s hurt, it’s a bye, and people need WRs to play this week. Package a couple of legit WRs (have to be legit, you have to give up players you actually like, maybe a solid RB too) and go get yourself a stud WR.

Brandin Cooks

Cooks will see better days. If you have a high floor team already, Cooks will be an ideal fit onto your team. You’ll be okay with the duds, but when he booms your team’s ceiling will be very high. He’s a week winner, and I would try to get him as Cooks owners are on tilt after unpredictable performances during the first four weeks so far. Package a couple of legit WRs for Cooks, as long as your already solid at the position with a high floor.

Martavis Bryant

There are doubts from owners that Bryant will ever get it together. But there were a series of tough matchups, and Big Ben away from home. The best thing about you after grabbing Bryant is that those tough matchups are nearing an end, and you’ll know exactly when to play him: at home and in non-horrible matchups. This week is very tough with Bouye and Ramsey covering the outside, but after that it should be much easier to start Bryant with enough confidence to raise your ceiling. He’s someone I’m aiming to either have in my flex or on my bench, and spot start him in weeks when he’s in a good matchup. He can be a week winner, and since owners haven’t seen that yet this year, they will assume it’s not coming. Take advantage.

Melvin Gordon

Gordon is getting the opportunity, but just hasn’t been able to perform. His injury is making owners unsettled as well. Go grab Gordon, he’s the clear starter, is getting most downs and his work in the passing game will keep you alive every single week. He’s going to end up as a RB1, but you probably get him for a couple of RB2s, and I will make that trade every single time. He might be a bit tougher to get if you’re just looking at fantasy points since he’s got it done for the most part, but some owners might be worried about his numbers without his touchdowns. Go get him if you can.

Rob Kelley

Kelley is on a bye, is hurt, and some owners aren’t even sure if he has the job between him and Perine right now because of all the flux over the past few weeks. Kelley should be pretty easy to get. He hasn’t got the touches we expected him to get yet, but that is because of game script and injury. Once this Redskins offense becomes a bit settled and Cousins gets into his own which he’s starting to do, Kelley should be involved and get 15-20 carries per game, including goal line carries. With the uncertainty around him even playing after his bye, he’s an easy target. If you’re in need of a RB, he’s a great guy to target. Also, don’t worry about his job. With Perine fumbling a couple of times, Perine will never win this job unless Kelley gets hurt.