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Going back to last season, Kenny Stills has been getting it done in the TD department. But with Matt Moore, there’s no doubt who Moore looks for in the end zone more than anyone else. Both of Stills’ TDs this past week were from Moore, and this is after Moore threw a TD that got called back because of an OPI on a pick play. Moore actually threw 3 TDs to Stills in this past game, so I’m sensing a bit of a trend. When Moore came in to relieve Tannehill at the end of 2016, Moore threw a TD pass to Stills in all three of those games. We (including me) have denied Stills because of his boom/bust nature, but he seems like he’s a good play if Moore is behind center. Tough matchup this week, but looking to play him in the following weeks. I don’t expect Cutler to regain his job too easily, so Stills can be potentially be an asset for the rest of the season.