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Buy Lows

Kareem Hunt

Hunt is both a buy low and a sell high. If I can get a back who’s very involved in the passing game for him because of the memory of his early season production, I’m doing it. I’m talking Leveon, McCoy, Zeke if he’s in for the rest of the year, Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Leonard Fournette. Otherwise, I’m not selling him. Hunt’s perceived value is nowhere near what it was in the beginning of the year, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have value. Owners are panicking because they don’t think he can carry them for the rest of the year, and he’s on a bye this week. That’s where you swoop him and package two players for him to upgrade your starting lineup. He’s still the RB for an Andy Reid offense, and he actually hasn’t killed you the last few weeks. Those 10-15 points is his floor! I’ll take that any day, because we know he has the potential for more. This bye week is good for that whole offense, and Hunt should be the focal point of the offense going forward.

Doug Martin

He’s just really cheap. Their offense isn’t in the dust; there just has been a lot of uncertainty and zero continuity the past few weeks because of Jameis Winston’s shoulder. I’m not saying Martin is a RB1 going forward, but high-end RB2 isn’t out of the question if he gets 15-20 carries a week. The concern with Martin is the Bucs defense giving up early leads and him being taken off the field due to negative game script. That has happened a few times so far this year, and we haven’t seen such a dip in Martin’s snap percentage. Here’s why you can buy him so low: he was benched last week and didn’t even put up 1 fantasy point, Jameis Winston is out for a few games and possible the rest of the year, and this team is going nowhere fast. However, Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t a bum; he can sling it and the offense can move with him under center. They are going to need to run the ball if they want to give Fitzpatrick success. Martin is a talented running back. If you have some scrubs at RB, I would package a couple of them to get Dougie to upgrade.

Stefon Diggs

Diggs has been out with an injury and came back to put up a sub-par performance against the Browns in London. He should be healthy now, and when he’s healthy he can put up WR1 numbers. The last awesome week he had was in Week 3, and last decent one was Week 4. That was a long time ago, and he’s cool off a lot since then. Not only that, but I would make sure I instill the fact that Diggs will see a lot of Josh Norman in Week 10 to the Diggs owner. I would try and upgrade at WR and package up a WR and a RB or 2 WRs to get Diggs on my roster. He’s someone who can add some real firepower to your lineup.

Jay Ajayi

Ajayi had limited work in Week 9, but rushed for a long TD. Not the best time to buy low, but I think there’s still a window. I would show the owner the snap percentage last week, which was Clement at 26, Ajayi at 17, Blount at 16, and Smallwood at 6 and convince them that this is a full-on timeshare. However, moving forward, I think Ajayi can be a RB1 behind a good offensive line in a great offense. There has to be at least one man out in that rotation, and when a team trades a 4th round pick for a guy, they are going to use him, especially when that team is trying to win a Super Bowl. Ajayi should be the clear leader in snaps very soon, and will get a lot more opportunity in a high-powered offense. Go get him.

DeVante Parker

Similar situation with Diggs, but Parker hasn’t blown up yet this year. He’s been injured most of the year, but when he plays he doesn’t disappoint. He has a solid floor, but he has the potential ceiling as well in any week. His injury history and the tough matchup this week are selling points to the owner. You can trade two solid floor players to the owner for Parker and come away with a great deal. Parker is WR1 material and is Cutler’s favorite target downfield, and that should continue as long as Parker stays healthy.

Sell Highs

TY Hilton

Sell him off of this big game! Don’t reminisce in how awesome it was this past Sunday. Just remember how it was the three weeks before that, where he combined for 5 catches. He’s completely boom/bust and that boom isn’t coming as often or as predictably as we’d like. If I could get WR2 or high-end RB2 value for him, I’m doing it. He’ll disappoint you the rest of the year.

Alshon Jeffery

He was sell last week, and if you sold him and didn’t start him, I’m sorry. But would you have been worried all week and eventually benched him against Denver? Yeah, probably. And if you knew it was going to happen, bullshit. Yes, Ertz not being in played a factor, but the Broncos have been great defending the perimeter. The targets could have been distributed a bit differently, but hey, it happened and now you should take advantage of it – 2 good games in a row! Jeffery had 4 catches combined in the previous 2 games, and has had more than 4 catches once this year prior to this past week’s 5. I have an idea. Jeffery for Parker anyone? I would do that in a hearbeat. Find someone who is getting some real targets and catches and is close to WR2 value if you’re looking for another WR. He is definitely tradeable for a decent RB if teams are looking for WR help.

Deandre Hopkins

Hopkins has gotten 16 targets in each game Tom Savage started, but they aren’t the most high quality targets, and that’s probably an understatement. We can look at this two ways: one that he has a high floor if he continues to get a ridiculous volume share, and the other is sell him now to a owner who thinks he’s still a high end WR1. I agree with either approach, depending on your team need. If he’s your WR1, I would lean on the side of trying to get WR1 value for him. If he’s your WR2, he should provide a solid floor for you to support your roster. Tom Savage is not a good QB, but with that defense being bad this year, there will be a lot of positive game scripts for volume in that passing game. I personally rather have someone I can depend on every week and not depend on a bad QB to come through.

Robert Woods

Woods has been great this year, providing a solid floor all year and that’s attractive to a lot of owners. I would try to trade him off of this outlier 2-TD game he just had to see if I can get a RB back or use him in a package to upgrade at WR.

Marshawn Lynch

Lynch is still the starter in Oakland, and he had a great game script in Miami this past Sunday night. The 2 TDs are definitely an outlier, and his season high in yardage was 76 in Week 1. I’m looking to trade him at his peak value to fill some needs on my team or package him up with another piece for an upgrade to my starting lineup.

Buck Allen

Buck Allen just scored last week, but Danny Woodhead is coming back. It’ll be a little hard to sell Allen right now with his bye week this week and with most owners aware of Woodhead’s return. However, it’s worth trying since you will probably end up dropping him soon anyway. He’s been putting up points in PPR leagues, and might even be valuable for one week after the bye if Woodhead doesn’t return right away. Spin it how you need to; it’s better to get value for him instead of straight up cutting the guy.