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Eric Ebron hasn’t lived up to his potential, but he can take some value away from Jack Doyle in 2018. We all wanted to see Doyle’s potential as Luck’s only tight end, but it looks like Luck will have yet another tandem to work with. Since Luck has joined the NFL, he’s had multiple pass-catching tight ends. Even if the talent level is mediocre, all tight ends on the field garner Luck’s attention.

Dwayne Allen could’ve had a bigger season in 2012, but Coby Fleener took away what could’ve been 26 more receptions to Dwayne Allen’s 45. With Dwayne Allen hurt in 2013, Coby Fleener was able to take a step forward with 52 receptions. High on Coby Fleener for 2014? Well, you would’ve been right, but Dwayne Allen worked his way back in for 29 receptions and almost 400 yards, which no doubt took away from Fleener’s 51 receptions and 774 yards, and didn’t qualify Fleener as someone who was fantasy relevant if it wasn’t for his 8 TDs.

It would be smart to think that Fleener can at least repeat what he did in 2014, but both Allen and Jack Doyle were on the field a ton, which didn’t allow Fleener to reach 500 yards in 2015. Doyle broke out as the lead tight end once Fleener was gone in 2016, but Allen took away 35 receptions and 400 yards!

Needless to say, if both Ebron and Doyle are on the field at the same time, regardless of your opinion on Ebron, neither should be considered someone we can depend on for fantasy purposes in 2018. Doyle had an exceptional year last season without Luck, but there were no tight ends to compete. It seems as though the Colts want to surround Luck with tight ends, as Luck seems to favor them, especially around the red zone. But if you find yourself depending on one of these guys, you might be disappointed on Sunday when the other tight end catches a couple of TDs.

What are you expectations for Jack Doyle in 2018? Do you believe Ebron can take away enough to not be able to trust Doyle on a weekly basis?