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Lamar Miller is currently the starter and the only capable passing down RB between him and D’onta Foreman. Foreman mixed in with double digit carries last season in 5 out of 9 games played. He had several explosive plays and scored two touchdowns in the last game of his season, when he ruptured his Achilles. There were times when you wondered why Lamar Miller was on the field on early downs.

Miller’s a good RB and has big play ability himself, but we haven’t seen much of it in Houston once he was given a workhorse role after sharing the backfield in Miami. In my opinion, I think Miller makes the perfect change of pace back, and I think Foreman would be the better primary back on early downs. My opinion, however, doesn’t matter. If Foreman comes back from injury and has a shot in training camp, he has a shot to gain a bigger opportunity in an explosive offense and the coaches would have to agree.

If Deshaun Watson is able to continue where he left off last season, this offense will continually be in good situations. Foreman makes a good goal line back, and he can get opportunity. If you’re looking for a late round potential sleeper, Foreman can be that guy if he’s healthy. He has a shot to split the workload with Miller, and even has a shot to take over as the 1a. I’m usually not interested in the 1a of a timeshare, but I’ll take one late on a potentially great offense. Even if it’s more likely Miller keeps the job, take Freeman’s low ADP into consideration, as it’s not too risky to take Foreman in the 10th round in non-PPR if you’re only looking for upside.