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There’s no doubt Jimmy Garappolo and Marquise Goodwin had a great rapport for three out of the five games they played together. But was it just rapport, or is Goodwin just… good? 🙂 Sorry, I had to. After Pierre Garcon got hurt in Week 8, Goodwin averaged 76 yards per game in three games before Jimmy G started behind center. Once he did start, Goodwin averaged 106 yards per game over the next three games (averaging a healthy 10 targets per game), but underperformed in the last two games of the season with a 37-yard and 28-yard performance (averaged 5 targets per game). The thing to note here is that he left the last game of the season late in the 2nd quarter with a concussion, so he was trending towards about 8 targets if he played the whole game. Overall, Goodwin had somewhat of a breakout season; he was only 38 yards short of a 1,000 yard season, and he was third in the league in yards per reception – he almost hit 1,000 yards on only 56 receptions.

Goodwin became the defacto #1 receiver in the 49ers offense when Pierre Garcon had to end his season due to a neck injury. Before his injury, Garcon was on pace for 1100 yards, and averaged 9 targets per game as the #1. Can Jimmy G make two receivers fantasy relevant? That’s yet to be seen, as he’s only played 5 games last season. The positive to take from last season is that he averaged 308 yards in those 5 games, so the TDs should be there as well by correlation. Each of their ADPs are lowered by the unknown of who the guy will be, but I would put my money on Garcon in PPR if you’re looking for a high floor every week.

We just haven’t seen Jimmy G play with Garcon, so it’s easy to think of Goodwin as a sleeper, but he gave Goodwin serious opportunity in terms of targets in the three games Goodwin performed with him. If that doesn’t continue, Goodwin can be boom/bust, which isn’t the worst thing in the world if you’re trying to balance your roster with a high ceiling WR. The point is that we have to realize that the same type of opportunity might not be there for Goodwin this season, as there wasn’t really anyone else on the field who Jimmy could feel confidence in throwing to. Garcon has led the league in receptions with Shanahan in the past, and I would expect him to resume his role as the 49ers’ WR1 assuming that he’s fully healthy.

I’m personally comfortable with both of their ADPs, but I do prefer Goodwin in non-PPR. Who are you guys aiming for? The young star who can still potentially break out? Or the tried and true veteran who should keep you steady every week? Let me know!