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Current ADPs in PPR:
Jamison Crowder: 7.11
Jordan Reed: 8.07
Josh Doctson: 12.10
Paul Richardson: 14.06

Are you drafting any of these pass catchers? Or will you be punting the pass-catchers in this Alex Smith-led Redskins offense in your draft?

I personally can’t get excited about this passing offense, but the weapons are there. If Kirk Cousins was still the QB, I would definitely invest in at least one of these guys, but their ADP would probably be a little higher. We’re past the days of multiple receivers being fantasy relevant on this team, and Smith did it last year with the Chiefs in a fantasy friendly Andy Reid offense, and with a fire lit under his ass after they drafted Pat Mahomes.

Crowder and Reed’s ADPs are the highest for a reason, and that’s because they’ve been the mainstays in that offense and know the system. Reed is a great value, and you’re not taking a big risk at his price because his injury risk is already baked into his ADP. If the injury concerns weren’t there, Reed would be a 3rd or 4th round pick. He’s still probably the best investment because of his upside and because we know that Smith loves his tight ends, albeit he had one of the best in the game in Travis Kelce.

As far as Crowder goes, he’s going to run the short to intermediate routes, and Smith likes to throw to guys mid-route rather than giving a guy a chance at contested catches (Doctson), or throwing deep to someone not named Tyreek Hill. Gruden has praised Crowder at the start of training camp because of those attributes and him fitting Smith’s style. Richardson was 8th in the league in yards per reception last season and is very fast, but he doesn’t have Tyreek speed, which is what gave Alex Smith the luxury of trust to become the league’s most accurate deep passer. That’s not an Alex Smith stat – that’s a Tyreek Hill separation stat.

Doctson has the ability to become a #1WR, but he hasn’t shown the ability to run great routes, his separation is questionable, and he’s only made some real plays on contested balls. I don’t see Smith giving him those 50/50 balls – that’s not his game. His game is to find the open guy, which is why Reed and Crowder will probably be his main targets, along with dumping it down to Chris Thompson. Not to mention Jay Gruden calling out Doctson, saying he probably won’t be able to put up eye-popping stats this year because of how they spread the ball around. Not the most ringing endorsement of what was supposed to be your #1 guy.

Would you have confidence in drafting any of these guys? Let me know!