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The creative tendencies and scheme will be night and day when you compare Kliff Kingsbury’s offense to Mike McCoy’s. Whether it’s successful or not, this is what Josh Rosen and the Cardinals’ offense needed as a spark to try and get things on the right track. They still need offensive line and WR help if they’re going to succeed, but we can look forward to some fantasy upside in this offense.

No word on whether Larry Fitzgerald will stay for one more year, but the clear winner is Christian Kirk. With Kingsbury’s pass-heavy spread offense, Kirk will likely have the ability to rack up 10+ targets per game. He has pretty good ability to find space in zone coverage, and is versatile enough to play both the inside and outside. With a 60/40 average pass-run split for Kingsbury over the last several years, along with his WRs controlling 78% of receptions, Kirk should be considered later in drafts, especially in PPR leagues. Guys like Chad Williams and JJ Nelson can see the field a ton as well if the Cardinals don’t add WRs who can help right away. Williams’ size, speed, and 50/50 ball ability is intriguing, especially when you consider Kingsbury’s tendency to getting the ball to bigger targets on the outside.

If Larry doesn’t return, I would assume Kirk will be in the slot on a majority of his routes – Kingsbury likes quick WRs in the slot, and Kirk has experience doing just that in a spread offense at Texas A&M. Williams has a chance to step forward as well as a long shot because of their lack of depth at the position, so he can be someone you want to pick up off waivers after Week 1 of 2019. David Johnson’s receiving ability will have to be taken advantage of, and I can imagine him being that 4th WR in the other slot WR position a ton. While RBs only had 17% of receptions in Kingsbury’s offense, he didn’t have anyone quite like David Johnson in his backfield, and someone with DJ’s ability can only help a spread concept. He’ll likely be a value in PPR leagues this year – just keep an eye on improvements along that offensive line.

The Cardinals lost each of their starting offensive lineman this season to injury at some point. Not only that, but key backup lineman also were sent to IR. There were three rookies on that offensive line this year, and a lot of turnover, which contributed to Rosen being pressured the most by far of any QB this past season, and as a result, threw the ball into tighter windows more than any other QB. If this line can get healthy, along with an addition or two, DJ and Rosen can have success. At least DJ won’t have the RB killer in Mike McCoy running that offense anymore.