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Todd Gurley has to be hurt. They’re playing it like he wasn’t playing well, but you don’t keep your best playmaker on the sidelines for fun. The Saints have one of the the, if not the, best run defenses in the NFL, so Sean McVay might have been playing the odds of how much Gurley would’ve affected the game. Why not just give CJ Anderson those carries to keep the defense somewhat honest? Not only that, but CJ Anderson is one of the best RBs in terms of pass protection, and since the Rams threw the ball on 60% of plays on Sunday, he could’ve been in for those reasons.

No one plays at 100% this time of year, but Gurley seems to be playing through that knee injury he suffered several weeks back. He now has two weeks to heal up before the Super Bowl, and will likely be a big factor once again against the Patriots. As far as 2019 goes, I can’t see CJ Anderson being back and taking a good percentage carries away from a fresh Todd Gurley.

However, if the Rams decide to bring CJ Anderson in for another year, will that affect your opinion on Gurley? Is it possible they lighten his load throughout the year so they have him fresher for the playoffs? I’ve always liked CJ Anderson, but never in a million years would I think this would even be a question. I personally don’t think Anderson would be back, especially because of the young talent the Rams have at RB, but this is a championship team, and they might want all the veteran presence they can get. On the other hand, these playoffs may have helped Anderson’s cause to be signed for more money on another team in a bigger role; the 28-year-old might just need to lose that man-pregnancy weight he said he gained 😂