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We’re not drafting DJ at his ceiling, and not too far from his floor. Can things get worse for him next season? It’s really hard for that to happen, considering he’ll still be the workhorse and the volume will be there. In the passing game, this offense presents serious upside when you consider how much Kliff Kingsbury likes to pass the ball. You don’t need Kyler Murray to have an amazing year for DJ to get his 80+ receptions. DJ will only have to catch less than 2 more balls per game in order to reach 80 from the 50 he had last year.

He probably had the worst offensive line last year, and he wasn’t used in the passing game correctly. To put this into perspective, he only lined up outside of the backfield on less than 7% of his snaps, which is absolutely crazy given his skillset. That number was higher than 20% under Bruce Arians in 2016.

When I get a chance to draft a RB with a lot of room to get to his ceiling, I’m usually all for it, since the chances of him hitting the value of where I drafted him is really good. Do you still believe that DJ can get back to becoming a top-5 PPR RB?