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What’s the upside of drafting either Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt? Are you drafting either? Both?

The good news was that despite Nick Chubb being relieved by Duke Johnson on passing downs, Chubb was still involved in the pass game on early downs. Once Freddie Kitchens took over in Week 9, Chubb averaged 2.3 receptions per game, and had a 4 game streak with at least 3 receptions. Chubb will get his touches, but will be game script dependent; we’ll see if the Browns defense improved to a point where we won’t have to worry about that. Either way, he’s sharing the backfield during those first eight weeks.

Once Kareem Hunt returns in Week 9, can we envision Chubb’s touches dropping on early downs? We have to. Hunt isn’t just a pass-catching back, but he’s a great runner too, and he’ll get his opportunities on early downs. Who will play on passing downs? Will it still be Duke? If he’s traded, will it be Hunt? Between Hunt and Chubb, Hunt is the better pass catcher, so he can assume that role whether Duke gets traded or not. If Hunt is the guy who’s getting some early down work and all the passing down work, he might be more valuable… however, you’ll have to keep him on your bench for 8 weeks with the possibility of that usage not being there.

It’s really hard to justify drafting either of these guys; Chubb at his ADP of the 3rd, and Hunt at any ADP – only because he has to sit on your bench for so long without the upside of him becoming the absolute workhorse when he comes back from suspension.

Really curious as to what you guys make of this situation. It sucks for fantasy, because both of these guys would have been amazing for fantasy if they were on different teams, and we’re taking two potential workhorses out of an already-slim RB pool. Let me know 👇👇👇