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I’m not counting Week 17, since they took him out early. McCaffrey was in a rushing timeshare last year… but only with Cam Newton. He played 100% of snaps in 8 games last year, and only missed a snap or two in 5 other games. He averaged only 14.3 attempts per game, and while he excelled with that work, his fantasy value was really due to the fact that a third of his touches came in the passing game. They had a capable back behind him in CJ Anderson, but reached a grand total of 25 touches for the season with the Panthers.

They chose to keep the explosive versatility of McCaffrey on the field at all times; the defense would not get a break. Because of the versatility, McCaffrey was only 35 yards away from 2000 total yards. He had only one TD in his first six games, which provided an amazing buy low window, because he went on to average 140 total yards and 1.4 total TDs per game the rest of the way.

Even though the workload might seem too high, at least he wasn’t touching the ball 25-30 times per game. When Norv Turner has had a capable, versatile back in the past, he had a history of giving them at least 18 touches per game, and that was on the low end. There has been rumblings of lightening McCaffrey’s workload, but not actually lightening touches. HC Ron Rivera at his combine press conference on lessening his McCaffrey’s workload: “Touching the ball was no concern; it’s just the extra plays, so we’ve really got to look at that and find a way to take some of that load from him.” Rivera is referring to the snaps he’s in the game where he’s not touching the ball – the extra blocking, the extra routes, etc. And if he is taken off the field more in 2019, he’ll go down to 80%? 75%? Still elite, his touches won’t go down – I’ll take it, and there’s less chance of injury.

Rank these RBs in the order you would take them in 2019 (PPR): McCaffrey, Zeke, Barkley, Kamara 👇👇👇