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Carlos Hyde is going past the 10th round in many drafts, while Damien Williams is reaching the 2nd in full PPR leagues. His 4th round price tag in standard and half point leagues is a pretty good deal, assuming there’s no question he’s Andy Reid’s main guy going into the season. I don’t think we know the answer to that yet, which is why Hyde presents a ton of upside if things were to go in his direction. As of right now, Damien Williams is “the guy”, and he excelled while filling in for Kareem Hunt, but Hyde is going to challenge Williams for the early down role at the very least, which would take the all-important goal line role away if that happens.

Williams is no doubt the better pass-catcher, while Hyde remains capable enough where he can make due on passing plays on early downs. Kyle Shanahan forced Hyde to 59 catches in 2017, so if Hyde gets that early down role, we could be looking at a pretty decent workload in one of the best offenses in the league.

Now, that’s just the upside; Hyde can also easily be just a change of pace to D Williams, but it’s worth paying such a low price for a potential RB1. Andy Reid’s RB1 has finished as an overall fantasy RB1 in 13 of the last 19 seasons. You just have to take your chances with such an amazing system and offense to go with it.

This is really less about Hyde and more a reminder to measure the potential upside some late players have, and taking a shot on a few and keeping them at the end of your bench for Week 1, when the unexpected can happen; all of a sudden your RB5 can become your RB2. We should get more clarity as the offseason progresses, but it’s good to make note of non-absolute backfields in case a potential starter is going late. Either way, you have to draft Hyde at his current price if you’ve drafted D Williams to cover your bases.

Is Damien Williams’ 2nd round PPR price tag a little too steep for you? Do you think there’s any risk that Hyde will take away more touches than you’d like from your 2nd round pick? Are you all in on Williams in the 4th round in non-PPR and 0.5 PPR leagues? Let me know what you think of the Chiefs backfield in 2019 👇👇