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Kinda. Flacco is known for his deep ball, but he’s actually been lacking in that department over the last few years. He does like throwing the deep ball though; he threw it deep 13.7% of the time, which was in the top-10, and it’s notable because he had a deep threat in John Brown. The year before, he was last in that category out of any QB with at least 40 deep attempts. With a deep threat who also is known for catching 50/50 balls in Courtland Sutton, this could work.

Over the last decade, Flacco has had a third of his TD passes come on 20+ yard passes, according to PFF. Case Keenum’s love affair with the slot definitely benefited guys like Emmanuel Sanders and DaeSean Hamilton. Flacco doesn’t have that type of preferential treatment, and is more willing to sling it downfield to the outside receiver. Even if he had a high deep TD rate, Flacco threw for 4000 yards only once in his career, and threw more than 20 TDs only once in the past six years.

Flacco’s deep ball accuracy (not deep pass completion percentage) was the lowest last year out of any qualifying QB. His passer rating on deep balls was third last only to shoulder-less Cam Newton and rookie Sam Darnold. But he likes to throw it deep! That’s our hope for Courtland Sutton, who was 7th in yards per reception last year. With a speedster in John Brown, Flacco was able to get him to the 4th highest yards per reception in the NFL last year.

When you look at the numbers, Keenum had the 7th most deep attempts in the NFL last year.. so is it really an upgrade for Sutton or any of the WRs? Did the Broncos get an overall upgrade at the QB position? Does any of the WRs benefit? Let me know if you’re drafting one of these Broncos WRs in 2019 👇👇