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It’s tough to trust a RB who has had injury issues, is getting arrested, and getting into fights on the field and provoking fans. I might have already talked myself out of drafting him with that first sentence, however, as his draft price drops into the middle of the third round, I needed to take a second look.

The real reason why that second look was required was because after TJ Yeldon signed with the Bills, it became apparent that there was no one on the Jags roster to play ahead of Fournette on passing downs – the role Yeldon had over Fournette since he was drafted. The only RB on the current roster who might have a better pass-catching acumen is Benny Cunningham, but it’s tough to justify taking a playmaker like Fournette off the field for him. They can also draft a satellite back to take over those duties in this year’s draft, but the Jags have hardly brought in any RBs for a visit.

Doug Marrone’s words in February: “I just see Leonard Fournette playing a major role in what we’re trying to get accomplished and being a workhorse for us and feeding him the ball and making sure he’s practicing as a three-down back.” Marrone has also said that he wants Fournette to be on the field for every play.

If all this is true, Fournette will be the only 3-down workhorse being taken after the beginning of the 2nd round. He’s being taken in the middle of the 3rd because of all the red flags I mentioned earlier, but unless he completely shits the bed this year, when is his value going to be any lower?

As much as I think the philosophy will change a bit to a more pass-heavy offense, if Fournette is on the field on third downs, it doesn’t matter.

And as much as I don’t usually take a player with this type of risk associated in the first few rounds, his upside as a 3-down back is too high for me to pass up on at that spot, assuming his ADP doesn’t climb. You can only risk so much in drafts, so might need to go safe before and after picking him.

Do you think the Jaguars will draft a RB to potentially take that third down role from Fournette? If not, would you target him in the middle of the 3rd, or is his past too much to deal with in 2019? Let me know 👇👇👇