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In the world of fantasy football, opportunity is king, and Mike Tomlin has shown that he’s willing to give his RBs pretty much all the opportunity in his backfield. The elite producers all play a high snap count – McCaffrey, Zeke, Gurley, and Barkley all have played above 80% of snaps. David Johnson was in the worst possible situation last year on offense, but his 80%+ snap count helped him finish as a RB1. James Conner’s Steelers can take a step back in terms of offensive production, but Conner’s 86% of snaps in games when healthy is why he’s worthy of a late first round pick.

LeVeon Bell’s talent alone justified his 92% of snaps, but did DeAngelo Williams’ talent justify his 92% when Bell missed time? He still produced either way with all the opportunity given to him.

Conner proved that he can also produce with the high snap count and while averaging 21 touches per game overall. The Steelers became ridiculously pass happy towards the end of the season, but Conner was averaging almost 24 touches a game in the first 8 games. Overall, he averaged the 4th most touches per game of any RB last year.

He averaged 113 total yards and 1 TD over the course of the season, and any back who can average 4 catches per game and have the upside of 7 catches in one game on top of 15-20 carries is pretty safe.

He’s shown he can produce with that workhorse role, we know the system Tomlin likes to deploy, and there’s nothing Jaylen Samuels can do that would make Tomlin switch his philosophy up and take Conner off the field for certain situations.

The real question is, if you’re at the end of the 1st and want a back, who are you grabbing? Conner, David Johnson, or reaching further? Or are you avoiding all and grabbing a guy like OBJ, Julio, or Michael Thomas? Let me know 👇👇