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  1. Antonio Brown – 23
  2. DeAndre Hopkins – 18
  3. Davante Adams – 17
  4. Courtland Sutton – 16
  5. Mike Evans – 16
  6. Odell Beckham Jr. – 16

PFF’s Jeff Ratcliffe wrote a great article last year about how end zone targets was a metric that we should follow closely. His study of the 2017 season showed that 55% of all receiving TDs scored came from a receiver being targeted while in the end zone.

This list shows who those guys were in 2018, and there are a couple of things to point out.

One is that AB is vacating 23 end zone targets, while Juju was 11th himself with 14 end zone targets. Those vacated end zone throws have to go somewhere, so Juju should be able to absorb a chunk of that in 2019. He’ll be a target hog with him likely running a majority of his routes from the slot, and a healthy dose of end zone targets would solidify him as a safe pick this year.

Davante Adams’ 56% conversion rate on his end zone targets was the most by far of any WR; the next highest in this list was Mike Evans and OBJ at 38%. It’s one of the reasons Adams was the most consistent elite WR last year, and a lot of it has to do with the rapport he has with Aaron Rodgers in the red zone, averaging almost 12 TDs per year over the last three.

Courtland Sutton being fourth on this list is the obvious outlier, but it’s a reason we need to be aware of his ADP going into 2019. Joe Flacco likes putting up jump balls, and it’s one of the reasons his completion percentage is lower than average every year. Sutton has the lowest conversion rate at 25% out of these six WRs, but he’s being compared to the elite. With his skillset of winning at the highest point, hopefully Flacco will give him a shot at becoming a legit end zone threat.

A guy who’s not on this list but is worth mentioning is Robby Anderson, who was tied with Juju with 14 end zone targets. Anderson’s one of the best deep threats in the game, but if he’s also Sam Darnold’s go-to in the end zone in addition to Adam Gase expanding Robby’s route tree, Anderson can be a more versatile and valuable player in 2018… assuming the WR corp stays where it’s at.

What I want to know is who your first WR off the board is! Davante Adams or DeAndre Hopkins? Let me know 👇👇👇