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Is he worthy to be one of your late round QB targets? He’s currently going in the 13th round.

There’s no doubt that Lamar Jackson has a ton to work on when it comes to the passing game, but his rushing numbers carried him in his seven starts to average the 8th most fantasy points during that span.

Mahomes’ 0.67 fantasy points per drop back was 2nd to Jackson’s 0.83, and with 203 drop backs, Jackson’s 16-game pace was 464 fantasy points – 30 more than what Mahomes finished with. A bigger sample size will basically kill that dream, but the point is that Jackson was very efficient when it came to scoring fantasy points.

His 17 rushing yards per game for 556 total rushing yards in those 7 games would extrapolate to 1271 yards for a 16-game season. Him becoming a mid-QB1 basically happened without a pass game; he averaged 155 passing yards per game and threw over 200 yards just once.

If you’re drafting him in the 13th, you really have nothing to lose with a lot of upside to gain, especially considering that his passing can improve. If that happens, his rushing total can take a hit, but he should still maintain a solid floor of 50-60 rushing yards per game instead of the 80 he averaged last season. If you factor in the bonus of rushing TDs, he’s a guy worth the upside of drafting that late either to start for you eventually, or trading him away for a skill position.

If you were to punt the QB position, would you be okay drafting and starting Lamar Week 1 knowing that you’d be comfortable streaming in the worst case scenario?