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Andrew Luck has always favored tight ends in the red zone, and it showed last year as Eric Ebron led all TEs with 16 end zone targets.

When you look at the Doyle effect, Ebron actually scored 7 TDs in the 6 games Doyle played in last year. In the red zone, Ebron still had the advantage. However, he averaged only 40% of snaps in those games.

Even if nothing else, adding Devin Funchess adds a red zone weapon. He has a 30.8% TD rate in the red zone, which is 16th among WRs since 2015.

If Luck isn’t just looking at Ebron in the end zone, we can see Ebron’s TD total come down, and that’s kind of what we’re banking on with him, since he doesn’t bring much in terms of receptions or yardage. His 5th round ADP seems like we’re paying for last year’s Ebron without considering what can potentially happen in a different situation in 2019. It’s always good to tie yourself to a good QB, but the targets can be more spread out in the red zone this upcoming year.

Are you comfortable paying for Ebron in the 5th? Or are there too many changes that make you nervous about him at that spot? Let me know 👇👇