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It’s not easy to find a QB-agnostic WR. Even the best WRs in the league see drop-offs when their QB misses games. However, it seems like the mandate for any Houston backup under Bill O’Brien is to just target the hell out of DeAndre Hopkins.

According to Rotoviz, in the 8 games Deshaun Watson has missed over the last two years, Hopkins’ PPR average hardly dropped; he averaged 20.54 PPR fantasy points per game compared to the 21.09 he was averaged with Watson over that same span.

He averaged the same amount of TDs, decreased his receptions/game by half a catch, increased his receiving yard average by 2 yards, all on 2 more targets per game.

Having to not worry as much about a QB injury making a huge dent in fantasy production for your best WR might be enough justification to take him as the No. 1 WR, as he’s averaging more PPR fantasy points in those 8 games missed by Watson than Davante Adams averages with Aaron Rodgers over that same span of two years.

And in case you’re wondering, Adams does have a bigger dip in his production when Rodgers hasn’t played; Rodgers himself has missed 7 games over the last two years.

Does Hopkins being his beast self regardless of QB make him a better fantasy asset than Davante Adams in 2019? Let me know what you’re thinking in terms of your overall WR1 for 2019 👇👇👇