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As great as Russell Wilson is as a QB, the Seahawks simply underutilized his services in 2018. They attempted a league-low 26.7 passing attempts, but Wilson had an extremely efficient season. With 35 TDs to 7 interceptions last year, he threw 1 more TD and 4 less interceptions in 2018 than he did in 2017… on 126 less attempts. His first three years in the league were similar in passing volume, as he averaged 417 attempts per year over that span compared to the 427 he had in 2018.

Last year, a banged-up Doug Baldwin led the team with 5.6 targets per game to end up 73 in his 13-game season. Tyler Lockett averaged only 4.4 targets per game, but was extremely efficient on his 70 targets, catching 57 of them for 965 yards and 10 TDs. In Wilson’s similar first three years, his top two targets had 82 and 68 targets in 2012, then 99 and 72 in 2013, and then 98 and 69 2014. Based on that, it’s probably safe to say that there is probably about 160 targets reserved for Wilson’s top two targets.

Can we see a 100/60 split? If we can assume that Lockett and Metcalf are the top two targets for arguments sake, with both specializing in deep routes, I’m not sure one guy will be getting a target number close to 100. A run heavy team throwing deep on play action passes might net each guy closer to the 70-80 target range, and I’m not sure that’s enough to get me excited. When you’re expecting Lockett to catch a deep bomb, it’ll be Metcalf, and vice versa. It’s possible they take enough away from each other that neither became dependable on a weekly basis. And when you look at rookie WRs who’ve excelled in the past, they were either on a relatively pass-heavy team, or they were given 100+ targets.

Upside isn’t huge for any Seahawks WR as long as Brian Schottenheimer is the offensive coordinator. He’s never been in the top-12 in pass attempts and has never been in the top 15 in passing yards. So do we have to depend on efficiency out of these WRs again? It’s not what I personally like to depend on for fantasy. Volume is king, and high efficiency without volume usually leads to regression at some point.

DK Metcalf has the upside of being a stud, but can he get it done in 2019?