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Based on OC Byron Leftwich’s words early this month, he indicated that he’s happy with Peyton Barber and “loves” what he brings to the table. He acknowledged he’s not a big play guy, but they like what he brings in terms of being a physical runner. He acknowledged that Rojo exists and that he hasn’t had much opportunity, but seems like Barber is currently the clear front runner, with Bruce Arians making similar statements. Arians even went as far as saying he’s the kind of RB he wants to build around. It seems like Rojo has a lot of work to do in camp and preseason to win a significant role.

Arians likes RBs who are versatile, and Rojo has a lot to prove in the passing game. Barber isn’t a great pass-catcher by any means, but he’s capable if forced into taking on some targets. A name to keep an eye on during camp is UDFA Bruce Anderson, who is probably a better pass-catcher than both of those guys, and will likely have an opportunity in camp unless the apparent love affair for Barber is actually real.

We might not like the talent of the backfield, but there will be value in the switch in systems. Dirk Koetter considered the run game an afterthought, while Arians likes to do his best to create opportunities and volume for his RBs. I don’t consider any back on the roster to be a great fit because of the lack of versatility (outside of Andre Ellington, but he’s too fragile to be a workhorse), but opportunity is valuable either way, and we have to pay attention to who will get it.

From a strategic perspective, it’s always good to spot the backfields with uncertainty, since we can likely find values in our drafts. Barber isn’t being drafted high at all; his ADP is in the 12th round, while Rojo is being drafted ahead of him. Bruce Anderson isn’t on anyone’s radar at this point, but he can potentially creep his way into mock drafts if any praise is thrown his way. Stay tuned.

If a guy like Bruce Anderson doesn’t pave his way into a significant role, are you interested in this Bucs backfield at all? I would assume these ADPs would rise based on who the guy is in preseason, but the value should probably still be there in this offense. Let me know what you think👇