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There’s no doubt that potentially losing Tyreek Hill on top of already losing Kareem Hunt will be a big hit to the Chiefs offense. With Damien Williams likely being their starting RB, at least Patrick Mahomes won’t lose much in terms of a great target coming out of the backfield.

However, it is hard to ignore that 24 of Mahomes’ passing TDs were scored by guys who might not be on the field next year, when you add in the departure of Chris Conley to the Jaguars; the production from those three guys account for 48% of Mahomes’ TDs and 43% of his passing yardage from 2018. Will that production be distributed amongst the next guys up, or will Mahomes take a step back? We probably should expect regression either way.

Depending on how long Hill is suspended for, assuming he’s forced off the field for at least a little while, these other WRs instantly become fantasy relevant because of the system they’re in and because Mahomes can make them relevant.

Sammy Watkins will likely be the instant WR1 on the team with the annual hope that he can stay healthy. Damarcus Robinson has a chance to start, and he’s been someone who apparently has gained a rapport with Mahomes towards the end of the season, according to Andy Reid, and him catching 3 TDs in the last three regular season games would support that.

Mecole Hardman was an obvious reactionary pick for the Chiefs to potentially replace Tyreek Hill. They’re not close to the same player, but there’s no question that the speed is there and that he can be used on similar types of plays.. I just wouldn’t expect the type of touches Hill got. Even though Hardman is a rookie, we can’t count him out of being relevant with a QB like Mahomes.

We’ll have to pay attention during camp and preseason to see who is on the field the most and who Mahomes is favoring – that’s where I would invest depending on price.

Who are you placing your bet on when you consider potential prices of these guys come August? Let me know where your head is at when it comes to this offense 👇👇