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Here are the route running leaders from Weeks 1-16 in 2018.

  • McCaffery 482
  • Saquon 435
  • Gurley 423
  • Zeke 410
  • J White 387
  • J Conner 362
  • Kamara 334

One of the reasons why McCaffrey, Barkley, and Zeke are going at the top of fantasy drafts is because of their combination of safety and upside… and a lot of that is because of their heavy involvement in the passing game.

James White was second only to McCaffrey in routes run while Rex Burkhead was out. Once he returned in Week 13, he went down to 19th between then and Week 16.

Before Conner got hurt in Week 13, he was 2nd only to McCaffrey in routes ran.

Anyone else surprised Kamara isn’t higher on this list? It probably makes sense, since he played above 65% of snaps only twice since Mark Ingram returned in Week 5.

Who do you think potentially cracks this top-7 in 2019? David Johnson anyone? Let me know what you think πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡