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Devonta Freeman’s ADP has risen to the end of the 2nd round in PPR leagues from the 4th round price tag he had a couple of months ago. Talks of his potential upside moved his ADP to the point where he’s not much of a value anymore, and is probably being overdrafted.

With the departure of Tevin Coleman, he obviously becomes the clear RB1 on the Falcons, but the return of Dirk Koetter doesn’t necessarily mean great things for any backfield.

Freeman had a plethora of injuries last year, including a groin injury, a foot injury, and most importantly a MCL/PCL injury that he never had surgery to correct. According to ESPN’s Stephania Bell, that injury can linger if not corrected. That combined with his concussion history adds up to a long injury list that isn’t worthy of that type of risk in the 2nd round – especially when the usage might not be as high as we would like.

Remember, we can’t set expectations for this upcoming season to his glory days in a very RB-friendly system with Kyle Shanahan as the Falcons’ OC.

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Are you willing to take Freeman at the 2-3 turn? Let me know if you’re still ok with that price 👇👇