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Matt LaFleur had a hot mess of a backfield for most of the year in Tennessee last season, wanting to play the more versatile back in Dion Lewis, while Derrick Henry’s playmaking ability in the run game had to wait until the very end of the season. With that headache fresh on our minds, we might associate a similar headache in GB’s backfield… but there are some key differences.

We all love Aaron Jones’ ability, and want him to get the majority of touches. Understandably, some might be wary of Jones after Matt LaFleur said he would use a committee approach. But if we actually take a look at the usage for the 1a, Jones should probably be just fine.

Dion Lewis was originally the 1a in LaFleur’s offense last year, and was averaging 16.3 touches for the first 9 games. He got the first crack, kept the job for as long as he could, but couldn’t get it done as the lead guy. Henry was obviously itching to get in there, and they finally made the switch a few weeks later.

In GB, Jamaal Williams isn’t going to do anything in the run or pass game that Jones can’t. Pass protecting was Williams’ big advantage prior to last year, but Jones improved to a perfect PFF pass blocking efficiency on his 25 pass blocking snaps in 2018 with no pressures allowed.

We expect Jones to get the 1a role, and we saw that he was able to do his thing on his 17 touches per game while he was the guy between Games 7 and 13 in GB last season.

LaFleur going from Mariota to Rodgers is one of the biggest upgrades an offensive play caller can make, and there’s no doubt that even in a committee approach, Jones can still find his way to being an upper echelon RB2, and even approach RB1 territory if he gains a bigger share than Lewis did in Tennessee initially.

It’s really apples to oranges. Jones will do more with 16-17 touches than Lewis would, this is a Rodgers led offense opposed to a Mariota led offense, Jones doesn’t have a talented guy like Derrick Henry behind him, and he has room to gain a bigger share than Lewis had.

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Who are you aiming for at the 3-4 turn? Henry, Jones, Kerryon, or Ingram? 👇👇👇