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  • LA Rams
  • Seahawks
  • Colts
  • Redskins
  • Steelers

Here are the top 5 teams who ran 3-WR sets at the highest rate last season who will have the same offensive system going into 2018.

When a team lines up in 11-personnel, the defense is forced to play their nickel defense most of the time. When there are more DBs on the field and the defense is spread out, RBs have shown a higher success rate and a much lower rate of going up against stacked boxes.

Another advantage is that if 11-personnel is your base offense, you have the option of not making a substitution, leaving the other team’s base nickel defense having to react to creativity of bunch formations, etc. This is where Sean McVay and the Rams offense excels.

A team like the Seahawks and Colts can run out of that formation at an even higher rate next year because of their additions at WR. That means guys like Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, and Marlon Mack shouldn’t have to face a ton of stacked boxes.

The Bengals ran a high rate as well, and while their offense will change, they have the personnel to run 3 WRs with AJ Green, John Ross, and Tyler Boyd in the slot. Recognizing that should give you even more confidence in Joe Mixon going in 2019.

Identifying these teams should give you a leg up on hitting on RBs who have a higher success rate.

Let me know if you think Todd Gurley can still finish as a RB1 even if he gets his touches reduced to 15-18 per game 👇👇