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Jordan Howard’s current ADP of the late-7th to mid-8th might be a bit of a value considering the other RBs being taken around him. Other guys might have more upside, but Howard has a pretty good shot of opening the season as the Eagles’ primary ball carrier.

The rookie Miles Sanders’ versatility can push him into being the more valuable RB as the season goes on, but Sanders will be the guy climbing up towards that while Howard likely has the role to being the season.

Sanders has had a hamstring injury for almost the entire period of work done so far, so he might be a little behind coming into training camp.

If you look at the past few years, Pederson hasn’t necessarily had versatile options getting the most touches out of the backfield. He traded for Jay Ajayi, and signed LeGarrette Blount. These guys were TD dependent, but they were playing behind good offensive lines and on a good offense. Howard will have that luxury this year, and it might prevent him from failing in that role and giving the job up.

Blount was averaging about 14 carries per game with the Eagles when he was their primary ball carrier, and averaged 4.4 yards per carry during that span. If the Eagles keep that game script neutral to positive, which they are likely to do, we can potentially see Howard get 15+ touches per game plus goal line work.

He won’t be reliable, but that’s why he’s going late. If he keeps that role though, he will likely outperform that ADP by a mile.

Do these guys really deserve to be the 35th to 38th RB off the board in any format? RB depth is very important, and while the pickings are slim when you get around this point in your draft, both of these guys have RB2 potential – Howard as a game-script and TD-dependent guy, and Sanders as someone whose 15 touches can be more valuable in PPR if he gets that opportunity. The fact that these guys are on a good offense with an amazing offensive line is why I would take a shot on them at that spot.

Guys who were annoying and disappointing the year before tend to be undervalued the year after. Howard is an example of one of those guys, and if that ADP doesn’t move, I might take advantage.

Any chance you grab both? 🤔👇