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Currently, there’s a one-round separation in ADP between Geronimo Allison and MVS, going in the 8th and 9th rounds, respectively. I would be surprised if neither price rises considerably in camp/preseason; as of right now, at least one of these guys will be a value.

The word is that Geronimo has been playing on the inside mostly in practice so far, while MVS has taken the outside role, and will possibly be the starter in 2-WR sets as well. Beat writers have also stated that the 3-WR set is their base package, which is great news for Aaron Jones.

Geronimo definitely had a great rapport with Aaron Rodgers as his #2last season up until he got hurt, but 88% of his snaps came on the outside. That can be a good thing, but MVS possibly taking a step forward can also affect where Rodgers goes with the ball, especially if he prefers to keep the ball outside of the numbers.

However, we have seen Rodgers use the slot receiver effectively in the past with Randall Cobb; He had three 80+ reception seasons, and was a lot more relevant in PPR with a low depth of target. It’s possible Allison ends up with more targets, while MVS gets less overall but more valuable targets downfield. Even though Corey Davis played primarily on the outside last year, Matt LaFleur’s Titans targeted the slot receiver 47.6% of the time, which was the 5th highest rate in the league. Maybe Davante Adams is onto something when he says that Allison, “who’s been working a lot in the slot… making him a little more dynamic… it’s going to be dangerous.” While MVS had a larger role in the slot last season, there was a three-game sample playing primarily on the outside, two of which had him over 100 yards… albeit on only 3 receptions each. He was only 78 yards behind Davante Adams in yards on receptions of 20+ yards downfield last year.

It’s possible both of these guys are relevant in their own way, it’s possible they both take enough away from each other that neither is dependable, but it’s also possible one becomes Rodgers’ clear #2 behind Adams. Training camp and preseason will likely give us clues about who Rodgers is looking at more, so it’s something to pay attention to over the next month or so.