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  • 1st in depth of Target
  • 1st in Yard per catch
  • 1st in % of touches reaching 20+ mph

So far this offseason, DeSean Jackson and Carson Wentz have already built a rapport based on Jackson’s ability to separate and fly, and Wentz ranking 7th in deep ball accuracy over the past two years. Compare that to Jameis Winston, who ranked 5th worst in that same span, both according to PFF’s Scott Barrett; it wasn’t meant to be for Jameis and D-Jax. Yes, that connection should be there with Wentz, but besides Jackson’s stat line, he does a lot for the offense as a whole.

Every QB to play with Jackson, except Winston of course, improved their numbers dramatically when he was on the field – McNabb, Vick, Foles, Cousins, and Fitzpatrick all increased their 20+ yard completion percentages considerably. Not to mention an overall higher completion rate, higher yards per attempt, and improved TD to INT ratio.

There’s enough elsewhere on that offense with Ertz, Jeffery, and Agholor where the defense will have to pick their poison. D-Jax provides value to all of these guys; Ertz should move back in the right direction as far as his yards per reception is concerned, which was a season low, and Agholor can stay in the slot where he excels. With Wentz not having to worry about an offseason full of rehab, he only had to focus on moving forward with his new weapons, and we should expect him to take a step forward.

According to Next Gen Stats, D-Jax reached 20+MPH on 15.4% of his touches, which was the highest rate in the NFL last year. He also had the highest depth of target at 19.1 yards, and the highest yards per reception. Had a question about whether D-Jax still had it? Seems so.

Do you expect this passing offense to take a big step forward? Who are you investing in? Alshon Jeffery at his current ADP of the 6th round? Or are you hoping to get D-Jax at a value late? Targeting Wentz? Or just sticking with reliable Zach Ertz? Let me know 👇