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James Conner played an every down role with the 1s in the 2nd preseason game, which is the typical way the Steelers under Mike Tomlin have dealt with their backfields. We thought there was a possibility of that changing this year, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the case. His 14 total snaps included four 3rd downs, which is where we might have seen someone like Jaylen Samuels; Samuels didn’t come in until the 2nd quarter with the 2nd team. He mixed in with Benny Snell; side note – Snell tweaked his groin in that game.

This was very encouraging usage of Conner; it’s possible he is one of the few getting the elite touches we like to see in our RB1. This would be in line with the snap counts he saw when healthy last year, even towards the end of the season.