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The rapport between Dak Prescott and Michael Gallup during the preseason has been very apparent, albeit without Amari Cooper playing:

Prescott targeted Gallup on 6 of his 12 preseason throws, catching 4 of 6 balls for 62 yards and a TD. That was just the result of all the hype Gallup has gotten during camp, where according to beat writers, he has taken a huge step forward and is a favorite target of Prescott.

He will take a step back once Amari comes back in Week 1, and there’s no guarantee Dak can steadily support two WRs for fantasy purposes. However, they will take their chance at a more explosive offense under Kellen Moore, so the possibility is there.

With Amari’s plantar fasciitis/intrinsic muscle strain that kept him off the field for the entire preseason, Gallup has shown enough rapport to know that he can take over as Dak’s #1 if Amari were to miss time. However, most medical professionals who have commented on this issue claim that as long as the injury is treated throughout the season, Amari’s availability won’t be an issue.

Is he a guy you’re looking to take a shot on late? Do you believe Dak can support two WRs for fantasy purposes under new OC Kellen Moore?