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Kansas City Chiefs @ Tennessee Titans

Chiefs RBs: The see-saw continues in the Chiefs backfield. This could’ve been LeSean McCoy’s backfield, but he literally fumbled that away in Week 8. Damien Williams led the backfield with 12 carries (14 touches) to McCoy’s 3 (4 touches). Williams dominated playing time with 72% of snaps, followed by Darren Williams with 18%, and McCoy surprisingly rounded out the backfield share with only 10%.

Since his fumble, Damien Williams out-touched McCoy 21-4. When Mahomes is back, possibly this week (he practiced in full on Wednesday), you probably have to view Williams as a risky RB2, and assume that he’s the guy. The assumption is the risky part. Andy Reid can easily revert to more of a timeshare, but there’s a lot of upside if Damien is getting more than 65% of snaps with Mahomes.

Chiefs WRs: With Tyreek Hill back, Sammy Watkins is back on the WR2 map. He was getting the volume needed while Hill was hurt, but he couldn’t overcome the defense attention he was getting. Now, he doesn’t have that problem, and will be free to do his thing while defenses worry about Tyreek. Oh, start Tyreek too as a high-end WR1 with Mahomes likely back, regardless of matchup. If you’re wondering about the other WRs, Mecole Hardman only played on 15% and 20% of snaps over the past two weeks, while Demarcus Robinson played on 64% and 43% over that span.

Chiefs TEs: I’m sure Travis Kelce is glad Mahomes is back.

Chiefs QB: Patrick Mahomes should be back.

Titans RBs: Kansas City is giving up the most rushing yards per game to RBs, so this is a prime spot for Derrick Henry. Treat him as a solid RB1 this week.

Titans WRs: The matchup is tough for the perimeter WRs this week. The Chiefs are giving up the 7th least fantasy points to the outside guys like Corey Davis and AJ Brown, who played on the perimeter on 80% and 92% of snaps last week, respectively. This won’t be the week I try to use them. Adam Humphries has the advantage this week in the slot (giving up 9th most fantasy points to slot WRs), but it’s obviously tough to use him in normal-sized season long leagues.

Titans TE: Delanie Walker might be out again, so Jonnu Smith would become a great option against a Chiefs defense giving up the 10th most fantasy points to tight ends. Would start him as a mid-TE1 if Walker can’t go. If Walker is active, Smith is still startable over Delanie if you’re desperate.

Titans QB: The Chiefs have given up the 10th most fantasy points to QBs, and since Patrick Mahomes should be back, we can expect Ryan Tannehill to have to throw the ball a little more than the Titans would like him to. He’s been solid so far in his several starts, and he’s a decent streamer in a tough bye week.

Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns

Bills RBs: Devin Singletary significantly out-snapped Frank Gore in a few games this year, but the Bills were down in some of those games, leaving the best pass-catching back between the two on the field. In a positive/neutral game script against the Redskins last week, Singletary dominated snap percentage 66% to Gore’s 34%.

Gore barely led the backfield in snaps and carries in the first half (52% to 48%, 8-7), but Singletary took over in the second half, resulting in a 66% total snap share and 23 total touches to Gore’s 11. His TD was a goal-line look from the 2-yard line, which is great to see.

Singletary has been efficient all year, has shown great contact balance while breaking tackles, elusiveness, and power. If you held onto him this long, he’s about to pay off for you.

Start him as a game script-independent RB2 this week against Cleveland.

Bills WRs: John Brown has provided a solid floor for you just about every week. Denzel Ward hasn’t shadowed yet, and stayed on his side of the field this year when active. Brown runs most of his routes on the left side where the Browns have given up the 11th most fantasy points to WRs over the last four weeks, and will see Ward on only about 36% of his routes on the right side. Start him as as solid WR2.

Bills QB: Josh Allen provides one of the safest floors as a QB. He’s had at least 17 fantasy points in 4-pt passing TD scoring in all but one game this year, and that was against New England. Solid matchup this week for him to continue that; his upside hasn’t been hit, but it’s coming.

Bills DEF: You probably rostered them last week when they went up against the Redskins. Another good matchup for them this week and another one next week against Miami.

Browns RBs: I would start Nick Chubb as the RB1 he is this week, and the worry about Kareem Hunt’s role shouldn’t affect that. The worrying can happen next week if we see Hunt take a significant chunk away. Starting Hunt this week would be out of desperation, which there is a lot of during the biggest bye week, but I would only play him for upside if you have legitimate options. We just have no idea what his role will be, and it can evolve as the fantasy season moves along after his first game. If you’re in a full PPR league, that’s where he’ll likely present the most upside.

Browns WRs: OBJ has been extremely disappointing, and his target volume hasn’t been on an elite level. Tre’Davious White hasn’t shadowed all season long, but he did last week against Terry McLaurin for the first time. Chances are he shadows OBJ on Sunday as well. He should be be played a mid-WR2.

Arizona Cardinals @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Cardinals RBs: David Johnson says he’ll play this week and that he’s 100%, so I would start him as a RB1, even in a tough matchup on the ground against the Bucs. DJ’s value really comes through the air, and the Bucs’ defense will have problems with DJ if he runs as many routes as he was running prior to his injury. Kenyan Drake will likely play a role similar to what Chase Edmonds was playing before DJ’s injury. He’s a high-upside, low-floor flex option if DJ suits up.

Cardinals WRs: The Cardinals have slowed down how much they’ve used their 4-WR set over the last few weeks, and it really slowed down last week against the 49ers, where they only ran it 15% of the time. They mostly ran out of 11-personnel (3 WRs), which bumped Christian Kirk to the outside. He ended up on the right side against Richard Sherman on 81% of his perimeter snaps…. probably one reason he didn’t have a good game.

Another reason is that Murray only threw the ball 24 times; Kirk still led the team with 5 targets for a very healthy 21% target share. This week, he goes up against a Bucs team giving up the most fantasy points to WRs. If the Cardinals do choose to go 4-WR heavy again like they flipped back to in Week 8, Kirk has a real shot to have a big game; Tampa Bay is giving up the 2nd most fantasy points to slot WRs. Kirk played a majority of snaps in the slot when they did that in Week 8, and ended up catching 8 of 11 targets.

With Larry Fitzgerald averaging a little less than 4 targets per game, Kirk is a PPR WR2 with his 25% target share.

Cardinals QB: Kyler Murray was efficient with his opportunities against the 49ers last week, and he faces one of the softest secondaries in the NFL this week. He should be viewed as a high-upside QB1 this week.

Bucs RBs: Ronald Jones made his first start of the season, which is significant, and ended up with 18 carries on 53% of snaps. Peyton Barber was on the field for only 14% of snaps and touched the ball 4 times. If the Bucs weren’t losing late in their game, it’s possible Jones sees even more snaps over pass-catcher Dare Ogunbowale. Jones also got a carry inside the 10 yard line for his TD.

We’ve seen this backfield flip flop between Jones and Barber all year, but this is the first time Jones actually got the start intentionally. We’ve seen Jones have better games and get more playing time in a few games this year, but it’s been a product of the “hot hand” during a game, which would end up reverting back to neutral timeshare with Barber.

Bruce Arians confirmed that this was intentional, and that he earned more touches because Jones has been consistent and has shown more explosiveness. Jones has a chance to keep a stranglehold on that job on an explosive offense, and if he does, he’ll be a weekly RB2. The Cardinals have given up the 7th most rushing yards to RBs, so it’s a plus matchup for Jones.

Bucs WRs: We’re starting Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Godwin might actually be favored by Jameis Winston if he views Patrick Peterson as the same guy, since Peterson will likely be shadowing Mike Evans. Peterson hasn’t look like himself in the couple of games he’s played this year, so if Winston does trust that Evans has the advantage, the onslaught shall continue.

NY Giants @ NY Jets

Giants RBs: Start Saquon. The Jets have surprisingly allowed the least yards per carry to RBs in the NFL, despite their LBs being banged up all year. Still, start Saquon.

Giants WRs: Golden Tate is a solid WR2 start with Sterling Shepard banged up, especially in PPR leagues, as the Jets have allowed the 6th most fantasy points to slot WRs. Evan Engram also might not play, potentially boosting Tate’s target volume. Darius Slayton gets an upgrade if Engram is out as well in a great matchup; he runs most of his routes on the left perimeter, and the Jets will likely be without Darryl Roberts, who usually plays there and usually sucks.

Giants TEs: Evan Engram has a chance of missing this game with his foot sprain, but if he plays, I’d start him. I wouldn’t plug in anyone behind him.

Giants QB: Daniel Jones can be played strictly for upside, but has a low floor. Against the Jets, that upside can be reached after both Gardner Minshew and Ryan Fitzpatrick both threw 3 TDs over the past two weeks.

Jets RBs: If Le’Veon Bell plays, start him. If he doesn’t, Ty Montgomery should be picked up and started as a RB2 because of his versatility and likelihood of dominating snap share against a vulnerable Giants run defense.

Jets WRs: Jamison Crowder and Robby Anderson are both risky starts, but the upside is clear. Anderson can catch a long bomb on one play, which he’s due for, and Crowder can potentially have another 9-target game like he did last week. The Giants have given up the 3rd most fantasy points to WRs, so plug these guys in if you have to as WR3s for some upside.

Jets TEs: If Chris Herndon gets a full practice, that’s the only way I would start him this week. So far, including, Thursday’s practice, he’s been limited. If you have a solid streamer, you might want to play them over Herndon until we see Herndon play a full complement of snaps.

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints

Falcons RBs: Devonta Freeman’s floor is pretty safe because of his involvement in the passing game, especially in PPR leagues. The Saints defense is definitely tough against the run, but Freeman hasn’t been particularly good on the ground anyway. In non-PPR leagues, Freeman is no more than a flex play, but in full PPR, he’s a solid RB2.

Falcons WRs: Julio Jones has played very well against Marshon Lattimore in the past, so I’m not downgrading him because of the likely shadow coverage. Calvin Ridley should get a bump up moving forward because of the Mohamed Sanu trade, but Russell Gage ended up out-targeting him with Matt Schaub under center. Hopefully Matt Ryan comes in and targets Ridley like he should be. I would start him as a high-end WR3. Gage might actually have a good game as the primary slot WR against a Saints team giving up the 3rd most fantasy points to those slot WRs. Still, it would be hard to play him and expect reliability off of his one decent game.

Falcons TEs: Start Austin Hooper as a high-end TE1.

Falcons QB: Matt Ryan came through in almost every game this season from a fantasy perspective, so start him as a low-end QB1.

Saints RBs: I’m starting Alvin Kamara as if he never left, and I don’t trust Latavius Murray to maintain enough of a role to get it done fantasy-wise. It’s possible, but I’m not sure it happens, so he’s a risky play.

Saints WRs: Start Michael Thomas in a great matchup, not that it matters.

Saints TEs: Jared Cook is back to a full practice, but it’s tough to figure out whether Drew Brees will look his way the same way that Teddy Bridgewater did. He’s a risky start in a decent matchup.

Saints QB: Drew Brees has one of the best matchups of the week. Start him.

Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals

Ravens RBs: Always love to see Cincinnati as your RB’s opponent, and the hope is that Mark Ingram can take advantage for you without a ton of volume. Ingram’s workload has been managed this season; he went over 15 carries only twice, and hasn’t reached 20 in any game. In the three games he went over 100 yards, he averaged 15 carries, so it can happen, but he’s simply TD dependent. The good thing is that he has a great chance of scoring against the Bengals, but I just wouldn’t expect a huge fantasy output.. his ceiling is limited to TDs.

Ravens WRs: Marquise Brown is a week healthier, and provides upside if you need it. Cincinnati has held it down against WRs on the outside this year, but he was still able to catch 3 for 4 for 48 yards against a tough New England secondary. The Bengals have allowed some big passing plays though; they’re tied for 5th in the NFL with 40+ yard passing plays given up as well as being tied for 5th with the most 20+ yard passing plays allowed. High-upside, low-floor WR3.

Ravens QB: Might want to start Lamar Jackson in this matchup.

Ravens TE: Mark Andrews opened up the season with 2 100+ yard/1 TD games, but went above 45 yards receiving only once in the next 6 games, with only 1 TD to go with that… at least that one century game was against the Bengals the first time around. Up until last week against the Patriots, Andrews was targeted at least 7 times, and I’ll take that from my TE.

Cincinnati RBs: Start Joe Mixon at your own risk. He took 8 carries for 10 yards against Baltimore in their first matchup a few weeks ago, and it’s probably going to be tough for him to be efficient against the Ravens. He’s an unenticing flex option.

Cincinnati WRs: Well, looks like AJ Green isn’t going to be playing anytime soon after he “re-aggravated” his ankle. He can’t wait to get out of Cincinnati, and I wouldn’t want to play and risk injury with this team either. Tyler Boyd will likely see Marlon Humphrey all game long, and that didn’t work out so well in their first matchup – 3 catches on 7 targets for 10 yards. I’d be looking for another option if possible, but he’s a risky flex option this week, even if we think his target share from the rookie QB in his first start will be high. The Ravens secondary has improved with Jimmy Smith returning and trading for Marcus Peters, so there’s no point in playing what seems like roulette between the Bengals’ WRs.

Carolina Panthers @ Green Bay Packers

Panthers RBs: Christian McCaffrey.

Panthers WRs: DJ Moore has quietly become Kyle Allen’s favorite target after catching 7 for 101 against the Titans last week. Over the last four games, Moore is averaging 9.25 targets, 6.25 catches per game. Went over 73 yards in 3 of those games, outside of the game against the 49ers. This week, Moore has an advantage against the Packers on the left perimeter, where he runs most of his routes from, and where the Packers are specifically giving up the 11th most fantasy points this year, and the 10th most over the last four weeks. Moore is a solid WR2 this week. Curtis Samuel is a WR3 this week, since he is more dependent on the big play; he’s seen more than 6 targets once in the past three games. Samuel moves around the formation enough to get advantages.

Panthers TE: Greg Olsen has a good matchup this week, but his target volume has been all over the place. 6 targets last week is good, and hopefully similar targets can lead to more production against a Packers team giving up the 8th most fantasy points to TEs. Over the last three weeks, Darrell Waller, Travis Kelce, Foster Mureau, and Hunter Henry have had great games against them. Granted, they went up against 3 top-5 TEs, but all three were able to have good games. Olsen’s a decent option this week.

Packers RBs: Aaron Jones’ upside is as high as any RB in fantasy, but his consistency isn’t ideal. Still, I’ll take it; he’s locked in. As far as Jamaal Williams, I don’t know how he’s doing it, but he’s staying efficient as hell. Dude scored 4 TDs over the past three weeks on only averaging 8 touches per game. It’s working, and Rodgers is looking for him in the end zone; he scored a receiving TD each of the last four weeks, and has five total receiving TDs for the season. If you want to attempt to ride the wave, I don’t blame you… but there’s a regression coming if his touches don’t go up.

Packers WRs: Davante Adams is back, start him as a WR1. That’s it, wouldn’t go past him.

Packers TEs: Jimmy Graham’s floor is too low to be confident in him, so he’s a desperate start this week. George Kittle was able to have a decent game against Carolina two weeks ago, but Jonnu Smith couldn’t do much last week.

Packers QB: No QB has thrown more than 2 TDs against the Panthers so far this year, and that includes Jameis Winston twice, and Deshaun Watson. Still, Rodgers is at home, and he’s playing well. There’s always the risk of it being an Aaron Jones game, and Rodgers’ fantasy points have suffered because of it at times.

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

Lions RBs: I honestly wouldn’t mess around with this backfield. Ty Johnson led the team with 62% of snaps, but only 12 touches last week. All RBs have been inefficient on this team, including Kerryon Johnson. JD McKissic did more with his touches, so it’s possible his role increases. I would stay away, especially in a tougher matchup.

Lions WRs: Kenny Golladay is a WR1, so he’s in, regardless of the matchup. It’s not ideal most of the day against Prince Amukamara, but he’ll have an advantage against Buster Skrine and Kyle Fuller on the right side. Marvin Jones will see Fuller and Skrine most of the day, and he’ll definitely be able to take advantage of Fuller if he’s targeted; Chicago has given up the 7th most fantasy points to WRs on that side. With the running game in shambles, it seems like they will need to depend on the passing game a lot more, so Jones has a good chance of becoming more consistent.

Lions TEs: Chicago has given up a good amount of fantasy points to TEs, so Hockenson is a flier during these bye weeks if you need one. He had 7-target game after a 1-target game, so the range of outcomes is large.

Lions QB: Matt Stafford had three straight plus matchups, and came out the other side averaging 370 passing yards and more than 3 passing TDs in that span. Stafford has to go into Chicago this week, and the matchup simply isn’t good. He’ll have his spots where his weapons can have some success, but it might not translate to enough fantasy points for Stafford himself. He’s a low-end QB1 this week, low enough where I’m looking for another option.

Bears RBs: David Montgomery saved his day in a tough matchup last week with 2 goal line TDs, but the fact that they were down all game and he still played 71% of snaps shows a lot. His involvement in the passing game is encouraging as well, with 9 targets over the last two games. We hope that Matt Nagy doesn’t revert back to his old ways, but Montgomery has a good matchup at home against the Lions. The 9 targets he has received over the last two weeks has a chance to work very well for him against a Lions team giving up the 3rd most receiving yards to RBs. Over the last four weeks, the Lions have also given up the most rushing yards to RBs. They’re also giving up the most fantasy points per game to RBs, partly because they’ve given up the most red zone touches to RBs. Start Montgomery as a high-end RB2 this week.

Bears WRs: It’s so tough to trust Mitchell Trubisky and Matt Nagy, but Allen Robinson is a stud who has gotten it done more often than not. He’s a solid WR2 with no one on the Lions capable of covering him. It does suck that he only caught one ball for 6 yards against a terrible Eagles secondary; there’s no doubt that will catch the attention of the coaches and Trubisky, and they will attempt to overcorrect.

Miami Dolphins @ Indianapolis Colts

Dolphins RBs: It’s possible Kalen Ballage is the guy, but it can be Myles Gaskin, too. Could be a split. I’m avoiding.

Dolphins WRs: Preston Williams is out for the year with a knee injury, so Parker should get a bump in targets. Parker’s already caught 4 TDs over the past 5 weeks, and can potentially start averaging closer to 10 targets per week. The Dolphins have been bad, but they are going to need to pass the ball a ton. The hope is that Ryan Fitzpatrick stays in at QB for Parker to keep doing his thing. The overall matchup for Parker isn’t great, but he has lined up on the right side of the perimeter on 41% of his routes, and that’s where the Colts have been vulnerable, giving up the 2nd most fantasy points over the past four weeks. Start Parker as a high-end WR3.

Dolphins TE: With Preston Williams on IR, there is room for Gesicki to garner more targets. He caught 6 of 6 for 95 yards this past week, and has a great matchup against the Colts, who have given up the 7th most fantasy points to TEs. He’s been given the 7th most air yards since Week 5, so there’s big play production in him. Gesicki is a very athletic TE, was drafted as a potential elite pass-catching guy, and currently has the eye of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Colts RBs: Marlon Mack’s volume has been very consistent, and volume is what gives him a shot to be a top-5 RB this week against a Dolphins team giving up the most rushing yards to RBs in the league at 4.8 yards per carry. He’s a solid RB1 play this week.

Colts WRs: In TY Hilton’s absence, the targets were quite spread out – no one had more than 6 targets. Zach Pascal led them in targets and had the best game, catching 5 of 6 for 76 yards and a TD. This matchup makes him a WR3 option. Chester Rogers is a sneaky flex play with Parris Campbell also out.

Colts TEs: Both Jack Doyle and Eric Ebron are risky options, but they both are elevated slightly with TY Hilton out. It’s not likely that the Colts will have to pass the ball a ton in this game, so there might not be a ton of targets to go around. Ebron wants to be targeted more, and he apparently expressed his opinions to the organization. Maybe he gets the squeaky wheel treatment this week, but if I had to guess who has a better chance at catching a TD from Jacoby Brissett, it’s him.

LA Rams @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Rams RBs: The hope is that Todd Gurley’s knee is okay. With a week of rest, you would hope that you can play him this week and not worry about him giving up 50% of snaps to Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown. It’s already a tough matchup, so he will be TD dependent. TDs have been what really has saved Gurley’s lack of volume this year. He’s a risky RB2. Before starting Henderson as a flex, it would be nice to see what the split looks like coming out of their bye.

Rams WRs: Cooper Kupp is obviously a must-play, and his matchup in the slot against the Steelers is great; the Steelers are the worst team defending slot WRs, at least in terms of fantasy points. He’ll likely be in my cash lineup this week on Draftkings. The matchup isn’t great for Robert Woods against mostly Joe Haden, but the Steelers have let up a little bit over the past four weeks to perimeter WRs. Without Brandin Cooks, he gets a bump to a potential WR2.

Rams TE: Gerald Everett’s volume has been up and down, but he has been 4th in tight end air yards since Week 4, only behind Zach Ertz and Travis Kelce. With Brandin Cooks not in the lineup for the next week or two, Everett should see increased opportunity. Pittsburgh has given up the 9th most fantasy points to TEs this season.

Steelers RBs: James Conner isn’t expected to play this week, and Trey Edmunds has yet to practice as of Thursday with a rib injury. Either way, Jaylen Samuels will be a workhorse and is a RB1 play; he gets a bigger bump in PPR leagues. Samuels was in on 63% of snaps last week, and it will be a lot more if Edmunds can’t go.

Steelers WRs: Teams have figured out that they can potentially double team Juju Smith-Schuster and take him away from the game. He’s had that happen to him in 3 of the last 5 games, but had 75+ yard/TD games in those other two. We don’t know what to expect this week, but we should probably expect Jalen Ramsey to shadow Juju when he’s on the outside at the very least. Juju has split time between the slot and the perimeter relatively evenly over his last three games, so expect Ramsey to be on him for about 50% of snaps. He’s a WR2 start, but he’s a risky one. Because of Juju’s matchup, Diontae Johnson might get some more looks. Johnson has caught a TD in all three of Mason Rudolph’s starts that he finished, so he’s an upside flex option who can do it once again.

Minnesota Vikings @ Dallas Cowboys

Vikings RBs: Dalvin Cook is in.

Vikings WRs: Adam Thielen is out this week, which makes Stefon Diggs a borderline WR1 play this week. He splits his routes run on both the left and right sides of the perimeter equally, which in turn would allow him to avoid Byron Jones on about half of his routes. Chidobe Awuzie’s coverage can be taken advantage of, and that will be Diggs’ chance to make a big play or two.

Vikings TEs: Irv Smith and Kyle Rudolph have a good matchup, and they might combine for about 10 targets again without Thielen on the field. Still, it’ll be tough to decide who to go with, and who will be the one to potentially catch a TD. Flip a coin if you’re desperate.

Vikings QB: It’s not an ideal matchup for Kirk Cousins, especially with Thielen, so I’m looking for another option if possible. No QB has thrown for more than 2 TDs against the Cowboys this year.

Cowboys RB: Zeke is in.

Cowboys WRs: Amari Cooper is expected to play this week despite his various injuries, so he’s in as a WR1 if he does suit up. It’s a great matchup for him; the Vikings are giving up the 9th most fantasy points to WRs, and the most fantasy points to WRs while lining up on the right side of the perimeter, where Amari lines up 45% of the time. Michael Gallup is a low-floor, high-upside WR3 in this matchup. Keep an eye on Gallup’s practice status on Friday if he’s an option for you, as he was added to the injury report on Thursday with a knee injury.

Cowboys TE: Jason Witten’s floor isn’t that high, but it’s the highest of the lower-tier startable TEs. 9 targets last week was great, and the Vikings have actually given up the 2nd most receptions to the TE position. Witten gets an upgrade because of it.

Cowboys QB: Dak Prescott is a top-5 fantasy QB… start him. If both Cooper and Gallup don’t go, then you might want to reconsider.

Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers

Seahawks RBs: Chris Carson is still a RB1 start, despite the perceived tough matchup. Carson was able to be just fine in a much tougher matchup on the ground last week against the Bucs, so he should be just fine this week. For context, the Bucs are the top rated rush defense DVOA, while the 49ers are actually in the bottom half of the league in that same category He shouldn’t be downgraded; he’s one of the most consistent fantasy RBs in the NFL.

Seahawks WRs: I’d probably wait at least a week before I consider starting Josh Gordon. There might be a forced ball or two to him to welcome him and get him acclimated, but it’s not something I want to depend on in my lineup. Tyler Lockett is in as a WR1, even against a truly tough secondary; Russell Wilson and him have a rapport we haven’t seen among any other QB/WR duo in the league in this year. DK Metcalf is a flier, but I would personally avoid him this week if I have another option; the 49ers are giving up the 4th least fantasy points to WRs, and they’re stout wherever WRs line up across the formation.

Seahawks TE: It’s possible Ed Dickson is activated this week, but the Seahawks have to cut someone to have him on the active roster this week. If he doesn’t get activated, Jacob Hollister should be considered this week after all the routes he ran last week and the production that came with it, even what might look like a tough matchup; the 49ers haven’t faced any tight ends worth mentioning.

Seahawks QB: Russell Wilson should be started this week despite the tough matchup unless you have a great alternative.

49ers RBs: Tevin Coleman had a rough game last week, but he’s still the guy to start in this backfield because of his goal line role. Seattle’s run defense isn’t one to stay away from, so start him as a high-end RB2. Matt Breida is an upside flex play.

49ers WRs: Emmanuel Sanders is a high-end WR2 as Jimmy G’s #1 WR. He was able to tear up Patrick Peterson last week, catching 4 of 5 targets for 90 yards in Peterson’s coverage. The Seahawks haven’t been stout against WRs this year, they’ve been right in the middle as far as giving up fantasy points, so talent usually wins out here. If George Kittle misses this game, he gets a bigger boost.

49ers TEs: George Kittle has a chance of missing this week with his knee injury. Kyle Shanahan said the decision can come to down to game-time. If he plays, he’s in.