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After DK Metcalf’s big playoff debut (7/160/1), it makes you wonder which of Seattle’s WRs are the better buys for your 2020 fantasy team. It’s worth noting that Metcalf had a much better matchup on the outside than Lockett did in the slot against the Eagles.

Looking to next year, price will likely be the biggest factor, as one can argue that the cheaper option is probably the way to go. Lockett was the defacto #1 WR to start the 2019 season, but Metcalf has come on strong in his rookie year to create legit ambiguity to Lockett’s hold on the Seahawks’ WR1 role.

Metcalf gained more yards per reception, which is definitely interesting considering how extremely efficient Lockett was in 2018. Metcalf gained 15.5 yards per reception on his 58 catches, while Lockett gained 12.9 on his 82. With that efficiency, Lockett only out-gained Metcalf 1057 to 900 yards for the season, and scored 8 TDs to Metcalf’s 7 during the 2019 regular season.

Over the second half of the season (games 9-16), Metcalf and Lockett’s numbers were nearly identical: Metcalf went caught 35 of 55 for 498 yards and 3 TDs, and Lockett caught 36 of 56 for 442 yards and 4 TDs. Lockett’s leg injury happened during this time, so it’s definitely worth taking that into consideration.

A concern with these two is potential inconsistency if neither become the true Seahawks WR1 on a run heavy offense… assuming Brian Schottenheimer continues to be OC in Seattle.

When considering these two during your fantasy draft next season, it’s worth keeping in mind that their average draft position’s might be a lot further apart than what the production will be, so the cheaper option might be the way to go.

Who would you rather roster in 2020 if their prices were equal? 👇