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With the Packers drafting AJ Dillon with their 2nd round pick, one can’t help but think of how Matt LaFleur wanted his backfield set up in Tennessee. The Titans had Derrick Henry, who AJ Dillon draws a lot of comps to… maybe without the long speed. Once LaFleur signed with Tennessee, he brought in Dion Lewis as a free agent, who he tried his best with to have him succeed in a timeshare with Henry. That didn’t work.

Fast forward to 2020, the backfield is set up very similarly, except it will work with Aaron Jones. LaFleur stated in the offseason that he doesn’t want a workhorse, and that he wanted to add a third back to the mix with Jones and Jamaal Williams. With the addition of Dillon, he likely moves ahead of Williams on the depth chart.

Dillon is the type of back who can handle 15-20 carries if needed. He’s a big back, and fits the zone running scheme the Packers deploy. It’ll be a great 1-2 punch in a pure football sense, but it’s going to suck for fantasy purposes.

In 2019, Aaron Jones averaged only 15.6 touches/game when Jamaal Williams was healthy. That’s a low number for someone being drafted in the middle of the 2nd round in 12-team PPR leagues. Now that they drafted a better complement than Williams, Jones will no doubt regress in 2020, especially when you consider his absurd 19 TDs scored in 2019. Will Jones even get the goal line carries anymore when you have a bruiser like Dillon in that backfield?

Jones will have his games, but he’s going to be volatile, and there’s no guarantee that Jones even has more touches than Dillon on a game to game basis, if running downhill is what LaFleur wants to do. Further evidence of that is the pick after Dillon – Josiah Deguara, who LaFleur said will play the Kyle Juszczyk role in Kyle Shanahan’s 49ers offense. Remember, LaFleur was the QB coach under Shanahan on multiple teams.

Hard pass on Aaron Jones at his price tag.