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Raheem Mostert helped win many fantasy championships in 2020, and the sentiment around him can be a non-objective one going into 2020. However, his price isn’t terrible, and the emotion doesn’t seem to weigh too heavily in his mid-4th round ADP.

Every year, there are RBs who get opportunity, they exceed expectations, and don’t let go of their job for the rest of the year. The momentum gets created, and coaches allow that momentum to continue.

With a break, however, and with training camp and preseason to follow, changes can happen. It can especially happen when that player is a 28-year old journeyman who happened to shine in one of the best running schemes in the NFL.

The other problem is that there will likely be two very capable RBs on the roster come Week 1 – Tevin Coleman and Jerick McKinnon. Do you know for sure that Mostert will be the main RB in Week 1? I’m not. And by main RB, what share should we expect? Enough to expect solid RB2 numbers and consistency? Not so sure about that.

Regardless, Kyle Shanahan has showed that he has no intention of using one RB as a workhorse over the past two seasons. Coleman had an opportunity when he came back from injury, but that lasted just a few games. There’s no doubt that if Shanahan used one, his scheme would make them extremely successful.

Even with injury, Shanahan just adds another guy into the rotation rather than giving the backup extra opportunity. When Coleman went down early last year with a high ankle injury, Breida averaged only 14 touches during that span as the lead back, and took him out in red zone/goal line situations for Jeff Wilson.

However, the lack of usage of a single RB in the passing game also spreads the distribution to the point where it isn’t dependable. Mostert only caught 8 passes in the 6 games I refer to in the video. Objectively, Coleman and McKinnon are the better pass-catching backs.

Can we view Mostert as anything more than a temporary RB2 for some stretch during the 2020 season? Is that the type of player you want to grab in the 4th round? Or do you believe Mostert maintains enough of the backfield share for you to be happy with the return on a 4th round investment?