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One of the most interesting non-picks in this year’s NFL Draft was not adding any weapons for Aaron Rodgers in the passing game, which seemed like an obvious need. So, who’s a winner? Allen Lazard? Does Devin Funchess play over him in 2WR sets?

There will be plenty of 2 WR sets for GB this upcoming season; they ran the 5th most of any team last season. The other four teams: 49ers, Eagles, Vikings, and Titans. When you consider Matt LaFleur’s comments about rookie Josiah Deguara playing the H-back role, more 21 personnel (2 RB, 1 TE) is likely.

With the departure of Jimmy Graham, Jace Sternberger moves to the top of the depth chart at TE. We have to keep him on our radar because of his record-setting season at Texas A&M, the overall dominant college season he had as a TE in 2018, and the matchup problem he’s capable of providing up the seam; and then when you combine that with his new-found opportunity, it makes him a great last-round upside selection in fantasy drafts. If not that, keep an eye on Sternberger as a pre-Week 1 pickup.

With so much unknown as to who the #2 option in the passing game is going to be in Green Bay behind Davante Adams, the door is wide open… so the talent + opportunity leans in Sternberger’s direction when you compare him to Funchess, Lazard, and the tried-and-failed experiment of MVS last season.

While Rodgers doesn’t have the history of TE productivity in his career, he’s also been tied to Mike McCarthy, who has run 11-personnel his entire career. Rodgers also hasn’t had many TEs that leapt off the page when it came to talent.

Even though Jimmy Graham led all players in separation in 2019 on paper, the stat is a bit misleading when it comes to tight ends. They run against a lot of zone, LBs, and safeties…. and when you watch tape on Graham in tight man-to-man, he’s not a separator like he used to be. The same role Graham had can benefit someone like Sternberger; Graham ran 411 routes last season, which was top-10 at the position. With 24% of the Packers’ overall targets vacated from 2019 (8th most), there is room for the role to grow if necessary.

Sternberger is currently going undrafted in mocks.