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Despite having to deal with terrible QBs for the entirety of his career, Allen Robinson has established himself as one of the best WRs in the league. When you look deeper, Robinson is on the cusp of being elite, but QB play hasn’t let him reach his full potential.

After the Bears traded for Nick Foles, it’s amazing to think that at some point in 2020, Foles will be the best QB Robinson has ever played with. Foles should be able to beat Mitch Trubisky for the starting job; Trubisky had a terrible 2019, and it wasn’t too different than his 2018.

Trubisky’s yards per attempt was the worst of any starting QB in 2019. His completion rate, TD rate, INT rate, adjusted yards per attempt were all in the bottom half of the league.

The 2019 version of ARob was the best we’ve seen. His route running was impeccable; he ranked first in Matt Harmon’s Reception Perception in success percentage vs man coverage over Michael Thomas and Davante Adams.

Because of it, he was rewarded with the 3rd most targets and 6th most air yards in the league. Robinson’s one of three players to have 13+ games with at least 5 catches in 2019; Michael Thomas and DeAndre Hopkins were the other two.

With that type of success against man coverage (as well as top percentile success again press, too, by the way), he is bound to take advantage of the lack of #1 corners he’ll see in 2020 (his contract year, by the way). I’m not big on drafting on strength of schedule with how drastically defenses can change year over year, but not seeing too many established #1 corners on his schedule has to pique your interest. Not to mention that Robinson ran 41% of his routes from the slot last year as well…. so expect easier coverage on a ton of his routes.

ARob has been getting it done with shitty QB play his entire career. Nick Foles isn’t the epitome of great QB play, but he’s not the hot garbage Robinson has had to deal with up until this point. He even made due when Chase Daniel had to make two starts last season.

He finished 2019 as the WR11, and he’s now being drafted as the WR14, right at the 3-4 turn in 12-team PPR leagues. Him and Le’Veon Bell are my two targets at that spot if they make it there.