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Some thoughts on strategy in 1 and 2 QB/superflex leagues that supplement this video.

In a 1 QB, unless you’re drafting Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes early, other QBs in the middle rounds usually don’t provide enough of a positional advantage for you to spend that draft capital on them. I personally rather invest in RBs and WRs until I’m forced to make a move.

Punting the QB position in 1 QB leagues gives you the best chance at having a breakout/late-round gem on your bench. Even if you find yourself with no QB in a 12-team league by your last round, you still have Teddy Bridgewater. And no, you don’t have to draft a backup QB in 1-QB leagues – give yourself one extra shot at some upside at skills positions with that pick. You’ll likely have an opportunity at grabbing a QB off of waivers after Week 1 if you need to, after getting some data on your bench players.

In a 2-QB/Superflex leagues, grabbing Lamar/Mahomes with a top-5 pick, followed by loading up on skill positions for the next few rounds is probably the way to go this year. Don’t panic if QBs are coming off the board in rounds 2-4 if you’re looking for your QB2. Stafford might be the first QB2 I consider in the 5th round if I grabbed one of the elite two as my QB1, and if I miss out on middle round guys, Gardner Minshew in the 8th, Teddy B in the 11th, Cam Newton in the 12th are fine picks.

If you didn’t grab one of the elite two QB1s, Dak Prescott and Kyler Murray have the best shot at keeping you at an advantage most weeks as your QB1. Since there’s serious scarcity at the position in 2 QB leagues, I would try and grab one of these two, followed by trying to get an upside QB1 as my QB2 like Matt Ryan or Matt Stafford. At a good price, both of these guys have a chance of having a big advantage over the rest of the league’s QB2 pool if things go the right way for them.

Make sure to grab a total of 3 QBs in 2-QB leagues, so don’t let the entire starting QB pool run out.