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RB Pickups

Carlos Hyde – Chris Carson might not miss this week, but if the Seahawks want to play it safe, he will. Not like they need him anyway for Russell Wilson to do his thing. Hyde would become the main guy in that backfield, in addition to Travis Homer. If you have Carson, and you really need a replacement, I’d spend 15% of your FAAB if that, only if you’re desperate. Travis Homer would be a 3% add, and might be just as good a play in PPR.

Rex Burkhead – Who knows if James White will be re-joining the team this week… we might not know that before tonight. If he’s back, Rex might be useless. Also, Damien Harris is coming off IR this week, so who knows how he will be integrated. I wouldn’t spend much at all on Rex, but he’s a dart throw add in case James White isn’t back. I would only spend about 5% of FAAB on him if you’re desperate at RB.

Myles Gaskin is the best long-term add if he’s available. He played on 75% of snaps last Thursday night – that’s a featured back role right there. 22 carries + 5 catches on 5 targets – 27 touches. You want that on your roster, and the Dolphins offense isn’t as bad as you might think. Jordan Howard will vulture goal line looks here and there, but Gaskin offers a relatively high floor every week if that type of work continues. If anything, the type of receiving work he’s gotten over the first few weeks should hold you down. I would spend anywhere from 20% to 40% of your FAAB depending on how badly you need a RB. If you badly need a RB2 and really need to win him, 40%. If you’re going to add him as a flex or a bench option, 20-30%. He’s a season-long add.

Jeff Wilson got garbage time work in addition to the work after McKinnon left the game with a rib injury… but he might be the preferred goal line back anyway when they get in inside the 5. McKinnon said he was Gucci, so might be ok for Week 4, but we’re still not sure what the severity is there. It’s possible McKinnon isn’t out and if we don’t get news by today, you can potentially get Wilson for cheap. Would spend up to 10% on him if you normally depend on Mostert or McKinnon. Mostert might be held out another week, but it’s possible he’s also back this week. Wilson would end up being a RB2 start if both Mostert and McKinnon miss this week.

Anthony McFarland got some play for the Steelers last week, and that’s very significant, because he looked good. He got the first carry of the 2nd half, and while James Conner got all the work he can handle and did well with it, Benny Snell might not be the clear handcuff anymore. I’m not sure I would necessarily even roster Snell right now as the handcuff, because why reserve a roster spot for someone who might not even get all the work if Conner goes down? I’ve said this in the offseason, that McFarland was the more explosive and more versatile player between him and Snell, and it seems like the Steelers coaching staff is starting to take notice. They both had about the same touches in Week 3, and Snell hasn’t done much with his touches over the last 2 weeks outside of the Giants game in Week 1. McFarland is someone I’d keep my eye on, and even roster if you have an extra bench spot if you have Conner. I would spend a few bucks if necessary.

Damien Harris is coming off IR this weel as well, so if he’s available, he’s a prospective stash to see how he fits into the Patriots backfield. He was the best back in camp, according to many beat reporters. A couple of bucks should do it, but in more competitive leagues you might need to spend up to 5-7%.

Also, there’s still a possibility that Minnesota and Tennessee come back with positive cases, it doesn’t seem like Minnesota is in the clear yet… so might want to add Alexander Mattison or Darrynton Evans if the’re available. I can’t believe we’re at the point where I’m recommend an add just in case Dalvin Cook or Derrick Henry has COVID.

WR Pickups

Allen Lazard did his thing without Davante Adams, and the good thing to know is that he’s capable, and a big performance like this will have Aaron Rodgers trust you more. But I wouldn’t overspend if he’s available. He runs out of the slot, so he’ll constantly have plus matchups, but keep in mind that he only had 4 and 5 targets in Week 1 and 2 when Adams played. My guess is that Adams will be back this week, but it’s also possible they keep him out so he gets an extra week of rest through their Week 5 bye. Would spend maybe 5% on Lazard, 8% if you have Adams and you really need someone. Will he be usable once Adams comes back? Yes, but has a low floor/high upside flex play at best.

Brandon Aiyuk had 8 targets last week from Nick Mullens, and he looked great. Kyle Shanahan schemed him open pretty nicely, but keep in mind that George Kittle is coming back, Deebo Samuel is coming back as soon as Week 5, but he’ll be a solid flex start in Week 4. Because of that, you might be able to get him on your roster for cheap, because he is a good player… I’m not sure he’ll get targets though once the whole gang is back together. 5% max.

Justin Jefferson is a great add – I talked about him yesterday in my Instagram weekly review, but he killed it on the outside, and then after watching all of his routes yesterday, I realized that his long TD did come out of the slot on one of his few slot routes. But the fact that he can win on the outside is huge, and he out-targeted Thielen two weeks in a row. The volume might not be there every week, but at the same time this defense can’t hold anyone, forcing them to throw more on offense. Jefferson and Thielen can complement each other well, and there can be fantasy points to go around. I would spend up to 20% on Jefferson if you really need a WR, otherwise I’d spend 10-15% if he’s a depth/stash option for you. He’s not necessarily an auto-start going forward until we see more big performances.

Tee Higgins caught 5 catches on 9 targets for 40 yards and 2 TDs this week… and the fact that he had 9 targets is intriguing. If AJ Green is going to draw the toughest corner most days, Higgins might get open a lot. I’m spending up to 10-15% on Higgins if I’m in need of a WR. Higgins was 2nd to CeeDee Lamb in yards/route run over the last two seasons in college football, in case you didn’t know. John Ross was a healthy scratch this past week, Auden Tate only ran 13 routes this past week and was a healthy scratch in Week 2. Higgins ran the most routes of any Bengals WRs this past week. There’s actually some upside here besides just looking at the 2 TDs he scored on Sunday.

Sammy Watkins should be rostered. You might be disappointed a lot of weeks, but if you’re getting 8 targets at times, he should be rostered. He caught 7 balls last night and caught 7 balls in Week 1. 15% waiver bid.

Greg Ward should be added by necessity. The Eagles have no one. Dallas Goedert went down and might be out for a bit with a slightly fractured ankle, DeSean Jackson has a hamstring injury, we already know about Jalen Reagor’s multi-week absence. I don’t think it’ll cost too much to get him, so you might be able to land a flex-worthy WR this week for a few bucks. 5% max if you need a WR.

Andy Isabella is super talented, and yes, Christian Kirk was out this past week. And he’s not running a ton of routes – he only was on the field for 41% of snaps and ran only 15 routes… but he caught all 4 of his targets, 2 of them being TDs. Isabella was extremely productive in college and has intriguing upside, especially in this offense. He’s a stash, just in case we see his playing time go up… instead of waiting for the spike, I would try and hop on that now. He scored 2 TDs, so not sure you can get him for cheap, but I would spend 5-10% on him if you can afford a high upside stash on your bench.

Anthony Miller is another upside stash that isn’t playing a ton right now. With Foles though, there is a possibility there is more need for downfield weapons like Miller (he can run any route). He’s such a talented player, and if he’s on the field more, he has WR2 upside. He’s another stash I’d consider. 5% FAAB.

Hunter Renfrow has a great matchup this week against the Bills, who have been horrid against slot WRs so far through three weeks. With both Henry Ruggs and Bryan Edwards banged up, Renfrow will be a favorite target of Derek Carr’s. You probably only need to spend a couple of bucks to get him this week, or 2-4% of your FAAB. There’s a chance he’s relevant all year long based on neither Raiders rookie WR coming through quite yet.

Tight Ends

Jimmy Graham had 10 targets last week, 7 of which came from Nick Foles. It’s possible he’s a favorite of Foles going forward, so if you’re in need of a TE, I would target Graham this week. Graham is running a ton of routes, so he’s very involed in the passing game outside of just targets. If you’re wondering, he had both Foles and Trubisky throw him a TD last week.

Dalton Schultz is still being used after his 10 target game in Week 2… he had 6 targets this week.. so he’s in the TE1 conversation if this usage continues. He’s going up against Cleveland in Week 4, who has allowed a ton of production to TEs, especially over the first two weeks.

Rob Gronkowski – Not sure he’ll be a reliable option, but with Chris Godwin out for the next few weeks, he can emerge. I would try and get him for free if you put a claim in for him.

Eric Ebron emerged after Diontae Johnson went down with 7 targets, catching 5 of them for 52 yards and a TD. If Johnson is out again this week, I would expect Ebron to be involved once again.

Logan Thomas – Thomas’ usage remains extremely high, but Dwayne Haskins is having a hard time hitting him. Ron Rivera hinted at a chance for a QB switch, so if that happens, there’s a chance Thomas’ usage (4th in routes/game, 2nd in targets, 3rd in end zone targets – thanks Mike Clay) turns into big-time production. He leads the league in routes per QB drop back of any TE in the league.

Hakeem Butler – He’s the upside pickup. He’s a converted WR who can be a beast of a pass-catching TE. The Eagles picked him up off the Panthers practice squad – he was drafted by Kliff Kingsbury, but they already had too many WRs to keep him. The Eagles are converting him to a TE after Dallas Goedert’s injury. They run the most 2 TE sets of any team in the league, so I would assume he will get run right out of the gate.

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