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Over those 7 games, Dobbins averaged only 12.3 carries and was a non-factor in the passing game.

Mark Ingram was almost an afterthought in the Ravens backfield, but snaps for him on the field meant snaps away for Dobbins. When Ingram was out for a few games, we thought Dobbins would be unlocked, but he wasn’t.

In Weeks 14-16 without Ingram, Dobbins only received 13 touches/game.

Gus Edwards is a restricted free agent, so all signs are pointing towards him being back in Baltimore in 2021.

There’s no question that Dobbins can be a league-winning RB if Edwards were to get hurt (assuming this isn’t another 3-man backfield to start), because the talent isn’t a question. Dobbins was 6th in the league in yards after contact/attempt over the duration of his 7-game TD streak. In case you’re wondering, Edwards wasn’t too far off.

From Weeks 11 through the wild card game, Dobbins/Edwards inside-the-5 carries were split 8-4 in favor of Dobbins, while Dobbins remained the favorite for goal line looks as the season went on… however, Edwards was still involved in those situations.

As far as production, here was the breakdown between the two.

JK Dobbins: 134 carries for 805 yards. 6.0 YPC 3.4 YAC/Att
Gus Edwards: 144 carries for 723 yards, 5.0 YPC 3.28 YAC/Att

How high are you on Dobbins for 2021? With a potential split backfield, how high are you willing to take him?

With Gus Edwards potentially falling out of favor in goal line situations, taking him later in drafts might be a wasted pick – the only way he would have real fantasy value is if Dobbins were to go down.