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How do you see the Packers RB situation playing out this off-season?

With 2019 2nd round pick AJ Dillon waiting in the wings, my guess is that the Packers won’t bring back both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams, but possibly choose one to bring back.

The cost effective route would be to let Jones walk and use Dillon and Williams in a timeshare. Giving RBs big contracts has not worked out well, and it doesn’t make much sense to do so after you spent early round draft capital on the potential incumbent.

What the Packers will do is anyone’s guess, and whatever you think they’ll do is probably what they won’t. Remember, they drafted Jordan Love and AJ Dillon with their first two picks last year when there were other areas of need, but hey, they’re in the NFC Championship game.

If Aaron Jones is back, he will likely have to take a team-friendly deal.

How do you see this playing out for the Packers?