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In 2019, Josh Allen was a rushing QB. In 2020, he was a passing QB who happened to run the ball well.

Here are the notable categories Josh Allen improved in from 2019 to 2020 – min 350 drop backs.

Passing yards: 3089 (23rd) to 4544 (5th)
Completion %: 58.8% (27th/last) to 69.2% (4th)
Passing TDs: 20 (T-20th) to 37 (5th)
Passer rating: 85.3 (20th) to 107.2 (4th)
Deep completions: 18 (18th) to 33 (T-2nd)
Deep adj completion %: 30.9% to 47.2%
Deep passer rating: 64.4 to 103.0

I mean, that’s some significant improvement. You can give some credit to Brian Daboll, but this was mostly Josh Allen making huge strides in his overall game; Daboll doesn’t have any good seasons on his OC resume outside of his 2020 season. I’m hoping he doesn’t Adam Gase his next team.

Who else deserves to be up there for most improved player of 2020?