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There is a huge range of opinions on whether James Robinson will have continued fantasy success, and I would get a gauge of your dynasty league to see what those opinions are.

Robinson can be both a buy and a sell, based on the price and the narratives other fantasy managers in your league choose to believe. I’m somewhere in the middle, but some can be at either end of the scale.

Pros for Robinson:
– He was tied with Kareem Hunt with the 7th most yards after contact/attempt among the 17 RBs with at least 175 carries.
– He’s going to be playing with Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence, with the offense potentially taking a step forward over the next few years
– He’s serviceable, and it allows the Jaguars to focus on other needy areas of the roster

Negatives for Robinson:
– He was a bell cow for the Jaguars, but he ranked 13 out of 17 qualifying RBs in yards/route run (min. 50 targets). He got volume in the pass game, but he wasn’t necessarily efficient. Can he lose his passing down role to another back with a new coaching staff? Potentially.
– His draft capital, or lack thereof. While he was extremely impressive to be able to handle the load as an undrafted rookie, the franchise has no stake in him, and a new coaching staff coming in has even less stake in him.

If the Robinson manager in your league is focusing on the negatives I listed above, you might be able to pluck him off their hands to take a calculated risk at potentially getting another RB1 season out of him.

If you have Robinson rostered, I would put feelers out on managers who are RB-needy, get their feeling on Robinson, and see whether they’re willing to give up legit long-term fantasy options (maybe a WR?) who you know will be fantasy relevant without the worry of them fading away without injury.

If you need some ammo to trade Robinson, one stat you can throw out in your favor – Robinson created 30.2 yards per game in 2020 – he ranked 4th behind Henry, Chubb, and Cook…. but wasn’t in the top-10 in the same stat on a per attempt basis. Those other guys were top-4. Don’t tell them that last part.