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Playoff Lenny did his thing in the postseason, and proved once again that he was capable of carrying the load. He wasn’t amazing on a per-touch basis, but he did enough in the spotlight of the playoffs and Super Bowl to potentially land on another team in a sizable role.

If you’re wondering, his efficiency stats in both the run and pass game weren’t great, and that will affect how some teams value him as a free agent. In the playoffs, though, it doesn’t matter. He came up big when his team needed him.

During his 4 playoff games, Fournette racked up 20.5 touches/game for 112 total yards/game. For fantasy purposes, we would love that type of opportunity and production – at the end of the day, that’s the name of the game.

Will he get that type of opportunity next year? The fact that he has shown to be capable in the pass game gives him an edge in getting a role large enough where he can be sustainable in fantasy. He caught at least 4 balls in each of his playoff games.

If he’s back with the Bucs, we can’t assume his playoff role will continue with Ronald Jones still around, and we might end up overpaying for him in fantasy drafts. However, his role in the passing game would be cemented, giving him the edge to clear 15 touches/game most weeks if this backfield remains as is.

If he lands on another team on a sizable contract, that team is likely viewing Fournette as a primary back. He’s the definition of a capable back in all phases, but a team might want to pair him up with a playmaker.