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From our latest podcast – talking all free agents!

Where do you see Aaron Jones going in free agency if the Packers don’t re-sign him? Their cap situation isn’t ideal, so it doesn’t seem too likely that he’ll be back in Green Bay.

What about Jones to Tampa? The Bucs don’t have to re-sign Fournette, as much as Fournette would love to run it back. Tom Brady would love a RB who can catch the ball out of the backfield reliably, with obvious playmaking ability. Ronald Jones can be Aaron Jones’ complement on early downs. The Jones Brothers. And they have the cap space.

If Jamaal Williams gets re-signed, he will likely be the more valuable back between him and AJ Dillon because of his pass-catching ability. Matt LaFleur showed confidence in Williams to play a bell cow role while Aaron Jones was out, but I do think Dillon plays a bigger role as a complement in the run game… possibly even goal line duties? Possibly.

There’s always the possibility that both Jones and Williams leave in free agency, which I doubt happens, but AJ Dillon would obviously be the man in that backfield at that point.

LaFleur hesitated to use Derrick Henry as a workhorse all year when he was the Titans OC, and forced Dion Lewis onto the field all year until it became too obvious to give Henry that heavy workload… so that tells you how much LaFleur wants a pass-catching RB on the field as much as possible. In this scenario, I would expect Dillon to have a complement in the backfield, but he would no doubt have a ton of value on this offense.

Who will be the most valuable back in the Packers offense in 2021?