Trey Lance is going to benefit big-time because of Kyle Shanahan’s offense. He gets a leg up on every rookie QB because of the system.

Shanahan will not put a ton on his plate to start out, and will put him in positions to succeed.

Lance will have a great offensive line, a running game to support him, and legit weapons in the pass game.

Remember, Lance ran for 1100 yards on 169 carries in 2019. This dude can have a legit rushing floor to add to all of the benefits listed above, and if he starts throwing TDs, he has immense upside.

Is Justin Fields going to run the ball as much as Lance? Probably not. Is he in a good system? We think he is, but Matt Nagy hasn’t proved that to be an absolute truth just yet.

I like Fields as a prospect, and he’ll likely do well in Chicago, but it’s hard to overlook the combination of Lance’s fantasy friendly skills and his situation.